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Videoset „Pipes 2“ ( blindfold bondage fetish gag handgag servant spanking tickling )

1 vid published on 2011-02-07, starring: Papa Perkelt

Sub Perkelt is instructed to clear a place for his tree bondage. He is tied to the tree and gagged, then spanked with a cable and a stick. His torture continues with some tickling and ballbusting ...

Videoset „Smelly socks 2-3“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag handgag sitting smoking sock tickling trampling )

2 vids published on 2010-12-25, starring: Papa Zubajda

Our master Papa, the one with face tatoos, uses his smelly socks on his sub. He ties him up and starts slowly with tickling and handgagging, then the action gets rougher as he ballbusts and tramples the poor sub. After a drenching with lemonade he is hogtied and has his shirt burned with a cigarette, then is gagged with a piece of his own shirt and a rope ... In the third part Zubajda ends up bound and gagged by a tree ... FREE clip added

Videoset „Smelly socks“ ( blindfold bondage fetish foot handgag kneeling servant sitting smoking sneakers sock spanking stool tickling )

1 vid published on 2010-10-22, starring: Papa Zubajda

Extra smelly socks and feet for Papa's sub who has to sniff and kiss them. He is forced to massage feet and is sock and rope spanked then his hands are bound. Finally his shirt is ripped and he is sat on by Papa ...

Videoset „Decent guy“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag spanking tickling underwear )

1 vid published on 2010-06-18, starring: Kulisek Papa

Papa punishes Kulisek for dressing too smartly. He gives him some kicks and forces him to hurdle race, then spanks him and rips his good shirt. Kulisek is then tied to the flagpole, gagged, tickled and stripped ...

Videoset „Initiation“ ( bondage fetish gag kneeling servant sneakers spanking tickling )

3 vids published on 2008-07-18, starring: Ada Lala Shark

Initiation day to Shark and Ada's crew for sub Lala. He is tied by his hands with a bandana over his eyes and made to do press-ups and knee-bends. He is given a rope spanking then bound to the tree and gagged. They punch and tickle him before untying him and forcing him to lick their sneakers, including the soles ...

Videoset „Shark´s Room“ ( bondage boxing fight sock tickling trampling )

2 vids published on 2008-04-08, starring: Ada Lala Shark

Ada visits his new friend, Shark, and takes nerd Lala with him for a little fun. After some fighting and tickling, they do some boxing and tie him up in the bed, where he has to sniff some very dirty socks and is then trampled on ...

Videoset „FRAT FUN“ ( tickling )

3 vids published on 2006-03-18, starring: Giom Mrvi Sony

Giom and Sony pick on poor Mrvi with some tickling torture. They start off gently but the later clip sees the action get a bit rougher....

Videoset „HEFAISTOS and STUPA“ ( bondage fetish mask sneakers tickling )

2 vids published on 2006-03-10, starring: Hefaistos Stupa

Poor Stupa gets tied up wearing a head mask by Hefaistos. He is tickled and pissed on by the bully... (In clip 2 he gets some sneaker kicks until he cries)

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Tickling) [0-8 of 8]
order by listing step

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