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Videoset „Sticker“ ( drunked fetish pony servant sitting smoking stool )

1 vid published on 2014-05-04, starring: Papa Zeleny

Dominant Papa found on his sweater a sticker. Promptly was handy, because it marked his new slave. Sub Zeleny (24) also served as a bench and a horse to ride across the meadow ...

Videoset „Karatist 2“ ( blindfold collar dog drunked exercising fetish foot gag servant shorts smoking sneakers sock stool underwear )

1 vid published on 2013-01-05, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

A slave dressed only in briefs and a dog collar has to light a cigarette for his masters, which are then used to burn him on his back. He has to take a gag in the mouth made from his dirty socks and shorts, then do some sneakers and ass kissing. He is doused with wine and stretched by his arms and legs before being forced to exercise. Finally he must massage and kiss socked feet ...

Videoset „Faggish t-shirt 3“ ( blindfold bondage fetish gag jeans kneeling stool )

1 vid published on 2012-06-15, starring: Dzary Pluto

Pluto has to put on his "faggish" shirt again. After a while kneeling, he serves as a footstool for the dom's legs. Finally Dzary tears the sub's shirt, binds his boy's hands and ties him to a tree including a gag and rag on his head ...

Videoset „Bothersome salesman 2“ ( bondage drunked exercising fetish foot gag kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock stool )

1 vid published on 2011-08-28, starring: Baaca PeterPan

The bothersome salesman, now gagged with his own ad t-shirt and belt is forced to crawl and jump in his bonds for the amusement of PeterPan. Next he is forced to kiss and sniff sneakers, massage socked feet before being used as a foot stool ...

Videoset „Dirty laundry“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag kneeling servant sitting sneakers stool underwear )

1 vid published on 2010-12-19, starring: Dzary Groufo

Dirty laundry found in Groufo's room is a good excuse to punish him with a few facers for starters. He must kneel as his shirt is torn off and he is forced to wear underwear on his head. He is kicked and made to clean sneakers before being used as a foot stool. Finaly Groufo ends up bound and gagged with pieces of his shirt ...

Videoset „Printer 2“ ( bondage dog drunked exercising fetish kneeling pony servant sitting spanking stool trampling )

1 vid published on 2010-12-05, starring: Dzary Kutil PeterPan

Sub Kutil is forced to un-knot the rope for future use before serving as a stool for his attackers. He gets some kicks and facers as they shout dirty words at him then he is made to play pony in the mud. After a few press-ups they make the poor boy re-pack the pieces of his printer, whick they have scattered about, into its box time after time... When Dzary and PeterPan are finished with him, they leave him tied to the tree ...

Videoset „Smelly socks“ ( blindfold bondage fetish foot handgag kneeling servant sitting smoking sneakers sock spanking stool tickling )

1 vid published on 2010-10-22, starring: Papa Zubajda

Extra smelly socks and feet for Papa's sub who has to sniff and kiss them. He is forced to massage feet and is sock and rope spanked then his hands are bound. Finally his shirt is ripped and he is sat on by Papa ...

Videoset „Secondary dog“ ( bondage collar dog fetish kneeling servant shorts smoking sneakers spanking stool )

1 vid published on 2010-08-06, starring: Kubis PeterPan

PeterPan is walking his dog when he is disturbed by jogger Kubis (18). Quickly he decides to make a secondary dog out of Kubis. He gets a beating for his disobedience and is collared and leashed then given a rope spanking and made to wear shorts on his head. Next he is used as a foot stool and must clean sneakers before finally being roped up to the tree ...

Videoset „Dixer 2“ ( fetish foot kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock stool )

1 vid published on 2010-07-09, starring: Kulisek Papa

Kulisek is dressed in a full wetsuit to do Papa's bidding. He is used as a footstool and made to worshipp his tatooed dom's sneakers, socks and specialy his feet ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Stool) [0-9 of 12]
order by listing step

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