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Videoset „Protect and serve 3“ ( bondage boots drunked exercising fetish fight foot gag police sock underwear uniform )

1 vid published on 2011-11-05, starring: PeterPan Punky

Punky, dressed only in his briefs, has to wash and wring out the policeman's uniform. He needs an occasional baton blow to keep him going then he is forced to exercise and kiss the cop's feet. Later he is handcuffed too, then finally he is beaten and gagged with wet socks and left to his fate ...

Videoset „Protect and serve 2“ ( bondage boots exercising fetish foot handgag police servant sock underwear uniform )

2 vids published on 2011-06-24, starring: PeterPan Punky

Wet handcuffed Punky has to kiss and lick the cop's boots, remove and wash his socks then the rest of his uniform, squatting in the river...

Videoset „Protect and serve“ ( bondage boots drunked fetish handgag kneeling police servant trampling uniform )

1 vid published on 2011-05-06, starring: PeterPan Punky

The Police motto "Protect and serve" applies only to good people. When Officer PeterPan catches runaway Punky, the punishment is swift, and he is handcuffed and trampled before being handgaggrd and forced to do some boot cleaning and kissing ...

Videoset „Drunk“ ( bondage drunked fetish police trampling )

1 vid published on 2008-08-17, starring: Buri Papa

A young arrogant drunk gets a lesson he deserves from a dom cop. He kicks the yob then handcuffs and tramples on him ...

Videoset „Hair“ ( bondage fetish haircut police )

1 vid published on 2008-06-16, starring: Mrvi Susota

Here is a video from an old gallery. Handcuffed buster gets a haircut from a cop ...

Videoset „Retained“ ( bondage fetish handgag police )

1 vid published on 2007-06-29, starring: Ada Sebek

This cop enjoys punishing a hoodlum who he cuffs and holds down with his hands covering his mouth...

Videoset „HOMELESS“ ( bondage fetish police uniform )

1 vid published on 2006-03-10, starring: Hefaistos Stupa

Cop find young homeless guy in his hiding place so he cuffs him to tree and kicks him as he swears abuse ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Police) [0-7 of 7]
order by listing step

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