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Videoset „Deserter 2“ ( blindfold boots dog drunked fetish mask military servant smoking trampling underwear uniform )

2 vids published on 2012-04-14, starring: Dzary Hrasek PeterPan

Soldiers PeterPan and Dzary were not nice at all with deserters but Hrasek in a gas mask quite "enjoyed" the lesson they had for him. He screams and protests as they kick and wedgie him then give a trampling with their heavy boots. He is forced to eat grass and is beaten with a rod before getting some ballbusting. At the end of the lesson this deserter's clothing is torn all to pieces, including underwear and shoes ... Now with FREE preview clip inside!

Videoset „Dancing in the Rain 1“ ( collar dog fetish gag mask servant sneakers )

1 vid published on 2009-07-05, starring: Cassidy Papa Stupa

Stupa gets dog collared and gagged with his singlet and is then forced to dance and sing in the rain. After some sneakers cleaning the guys make him eat and drink from the ground like good dog ... From his vid we had to mask one scene by request of CCBill (US payment processor).

Videoset „Tyre“ ( bondage exercising mask trampling )

1 vid published on 2009-06-21, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

Poor Pit, with bound hands, is forced to build an exercise course from tyres for his own drill. He gets a face mask and is yelled at by the guys who trample him and tie him to a tree...

Videoset „Beside the road“ ( belting bondage kneeling mask spanking )

1 vid published on 2009-05-02, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

New guy Pit, (19 y.o.), gets his torture at the roadside. His hands are bound with his laces and belt then he has to perform knee-bends and press-ups while wearing a face mask. Finally he gets a good spanking ...

Videoset „Military Rookie“ ( boots exercising fetish mask military servant spanking )

4 vids published on 2008-05-09, starring: Ada Joker Vilda

Two army buddies take the slowest rookie from their unit to the forest behind their barracks to give him some humiliating drill. He has to perform some crazy tasks, including exercises and boot cleaning, then is spanked and forced to wear a gas mask ...

Videoset „Training“ ( bondage collar dog exercising fetish jocks mask sneakers sock trampling )

5 vids published on 2007-11-29, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

Whimp is made to wear boxers on his head and a jockstrap so that his training can start. He is sadistically kicked & trampled, punched and made to box. He must then crawl and is made to kiss sneakers then he is collared. With hands and mouth taped he gets dog trained and finally has to sniff sneaker and gets socks forced into his mouth ...

Videoset „Nylon“ ( bondage fight gag mask spanking )

1 vid published on 2007-05-03, starring: Ada Dundy Joker

2 young hoodlums in stocking masks attack this young guy in the park. He is tied to a tree and gagged, then has his pants pulled down and is spanked. His attackers continue to beat and tease him for their enjoyment ...

Videoset „TATOO GUY“ ( bondage boxing gag jocks mask )

3 vids published on 2006-03-10, starring: Polivka

This sub is bound with boxers over his head then gagged. He is given a ball busting wearing a jock strap ...

Videoset „HEFAISTOS and STUPA“ ( bondage fetish mask sneakers tickling )

2 vids published on 2006-03-10, starring: Hefaistos Stupa

Poor Stupa gets tied up wearing a head mask by Hefaistos. He is tickled and pissed on by the bully... (In clip 2 he gets some sneaker kicks until he cries)

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Mask) [0-9 of 9]
order by listing step

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