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Videoset „Pants down“ ( boots drunked exercising fetish fight jeans kneeling )

1 vid published on 2014-09-07, starring: Dzary Lala

Drunken Lala pees on Dzary's snowman. Not even enough to turn on the fly but is caught by Dzary. In vain Lala makes excuses that it is too cold, but he can not avoid punishment, and gets ice balls and a wallow in the snow. He gets pony training, is bindfolded and forced to kiss boots, followed by a stick in the ass and exercises to warm him up ...

Videoset „Under the bridge“ ( fetish fight jeans servant smoking )

1 vid published on 2013-12-29, starring: Thor Woody

20 year-old sub Woody meets dom Thor under the bridge. In a moment he has a wet, dirty and torn shirt and Thor grips and touches him roughly. After being burned with a cigarette, the sub is forced to retrieve and put on some shoes, and finally to eat grass ...

Videoset „Bastard“ ( bondage collar dog fetish fight foot jeans trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-09-13, starring: Bastard Lala

Our new bad boy Bastard (25) gets information on where to find the guy who had smashed up his car. He tracks Lala down in the meadow behind the town and began his punishment with slapping, kicking then tree bondage ...

Videoset „Zahy and Bimac“ ( bondage boots caps collar fetish fight jeans kneeling sneakers )

1 vid published on 2013-04-22, starring: Bimac Zahy

We have 2 brand new guys here - dominant Zahy (23) and innocent looking Bimac (20). After few shots Bimac tries to escape but loses his cap, and when he returnes for it gets tied to a tree and his master takes his cap and sneakers. He also has to kiss Zahy's boots, gets beaten and forced to serve as a chair before being collared and getting his hands and feet bound ...

Videoset „Thor 2“ ( boxing dog exercising fetish fight foot shorts sitting smoking )

1 vid published on 2011-12-23, starring: Lala Thor

This poor boy's torture continues with some rough treatment. His shirt gets torn and he is kicked, slapped and verbally abused. After some dog training, he is forced to exercise ...

Videoset „Thor“ ( dog exercising fetish fight foot servant shorts sitting smoking )

1 vid published on 2011-12-14, starring: Lala Thor

New dominant guy, Thor (22), punishes cheeky punk Lala for asking him for a cigarette. He makes him retrieve his slippers then gives him a beating. After some forced exercising they grapple with each other on the ground ...

Videoset „Protect and serve 3“ ( bondage boots drunked exercising fetish fight foot gag police sock underwear uniform )

1 vid published on 2011-11-05, starring: PeterPan Punky

Punky, dressed only in his briefs, has to wash and wring out the policeman's uniform. He needs an occasional baton blow to keep him going then he is forced to exercise and kiss the cop's feet. Later he is handcuffed too, then finally he is beaten and gagged with wet socks and left to his fate ...

Videoset „Bothering salesman“ ( belting bondage dog drunked exercising fetish fight handgag sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2011-04-29, starring: Baaca PeterPan

A bothersome salesman has no luck when he meets PeterPan. He gets beaten and is bound, trampled then handgagged. He is then hogtied and forced to eat his own ad t-shirt, then after dog training is forced to drink....

Videoset „Revenge“ ( bondage fetish fight gag kneeling servant smoking )

1 vid published on 2011-02-27, starring: Baaca Roman

Remember Roman, the angry guy from previous galleries? This time he gets revenge for his little brother with some kicking and tugging of the nose. The victim is tied to a tree with a rope gag and has his shirt torn. After this he is forced to kneel and kiss shoes ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Fight) [0-9 of 36]
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