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Videoset „Hobgoblin 2“ ( belting collar dog drunked exercising fetish foot kneeling servant sneakers sock underwear )

1 vid published on 2013-09-20, starring: Ada Lala

Slave Lala has to adjust his dom's shirt while kneeling for him. He then gets a belting and must do push ups with a sock. Master Ada strippes him to his underwear and makes him sniff and retrieve his own socks and sneakers. After some dog training and drinking out of PET bowl without hands,the slave is forced to exercise and "fuck" the ground and some sneakers ...

Videoset „Hobgoblin“ ( belting bondage collar drunked fetish gag kneeling sneakers sock )

1 vid published on 2013-08-05, starring: Ada Lala

Sub Lala with a new mustache and the same old stupid smile, looks like a hobgoblin. Dom Ada on a nearby dump "rewards" his new look with a beating. Lala is gagged with a torn shirt and socks, then has his hands bound and is dog collared. Next he is forced to kneeland is given a belting. Finally he is made to do a bit of sneakers kissing ...

Videoset „Ticket to ride 3“ ( belting bondage dog drunked exercising fetish kneeling sneakers trampling underwear )

1 vid published on 2013-04-14, starring: Hrasek PeterPan

Sub Hrasek has to prepare an obstacle course of tyres under the watchful eye of PeterPan and then run it. When PeterPan stopped this game fun, he wraps his slave with four tyres and enjoys his powerlessness. He rolls him then binds his feet, followed by some trampling and a beating with a belt. Finally he binds his hands, wiped the sweat off with his shirt and leaves the sub with the tires in the sun ...

Videoset „Perv 2“ ( belting bondage collar drunked fetish jocks kneeling servant sneakers trampling underwear )

1 vid published on 2012-03-04, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Perv Baaca, wearing tights, a jockstrap and tanga briefs, is forced to clean his master's sneakers. After being forced to exercise, he is trampled, then has a nylon put on his head and his hands are bound. He gets a belting and an ass kicking, then is dog collared and made to wash socks in the river ...

Videoset „Business 2“ ( belting blindfold bondage dog fetish foot kneeling nettle sneakers sock spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2011-11-13, starring: Milky Strela

Poor Milky (19) gets hogtied and trampled several times then is trained like a dog. He is spanked with a rope and a belt in the nettles, often with a rag on his head ...

Videoset „Cook 3“ ( belting bondage dog exercising fetish gag servant spanking underwear )

1 vid published on 2011-10-29, starring: Dzary Japer Twigy

Poor Twigy is in his underwear and has to do somersaults in the nettles and wallow in the dirt. He has to constantly transport old rags on the instructions of our sadistic guys. Several times he is tied to a tree with a gag from his belt then is spanked with a rope and cable, and kicked around...

Videoset „Bothering salesman“ ( belting bondage dog drunked exercising fetish fight handgag sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2011-04-29, starring: Baaca PeterPan

A bothersome salesman has no luck when he meets PeterPan. He gets beaten and is bound, trampled then handgagged. He is then hogtied and forced to eat his own ad t-shirt, then after dog training is forced to drink....

Videoset „Too skilled 2“ ( belting collar dog foot gag smoking sock spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2011-03-13, starring: Papa Stupa

Stupa's lesson continues as the boy is made to dance for Papa's entertainment in a swimsuit. He feels his feet on his back, a tight collar on his neck and a belt on the ass, so he obeys him. A tasty undie gag resolves a little rebellion and returns the slave back onto the right slave dog track!

Videoset „Beside the road“ ( belting bondage kneeling mask spanking )

1 vid published on 2009-05-02, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

New guy Pit, (19 y.o.), gets his torture at the roadside. His hands are bound with his laces and belt then he has to perform knee-bends and press-ups while wearing a face mask. Finally he gets a good spanking ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Belting) [0-9 of 11]
order by listing step

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