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Actor Susota

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Videoset „Hair“ ( bondage fetish haircut police )

1 vid published on 2008-06-16, starring: Mrvi Susota

Here is a video from an old gallery. Handcuffed buster gets a haircut from a cop ...

Videoset „Terc, you smelling shit!“ ( bondage spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2008-04-30, starring: Mrvi Susota Tercik

Two angry guys finally meet their enemy. It is time to show who is the boss there and Terc is the loser. He gets kicked, ballbusted and trampled, then is hogtied, spanked and bound to the pole ...

Videoset „Car“ ( fight )

1 vid published on 2007-11-19, starring: Hefaistos Mrvi Pernik Susota

A young driver, alone on a country road, is robbed and brutally asaulted by 3 toughs who then sadistically kick and beat him with bars. He is methodically tortured and bundled into the trunk of his car ...

Videoset „Cottage“ ( fight )

1 vid published on 2007-01-29, starring: Mrvi Pernik Susota

Pernik is attacked in his cottage by two burglars ...

Videoset „SMS“ ( spanking )

1 vid published on 2006-11-28, starring: Mrvi Pernik Susota

When writing an SMS be all eyes as thieves may be watching you. You can loose your phone and get some welts from a spanking ...

Videoset „Roped“

1 vid published on 2006-10-01, starring: Mrvi Pernik Susota

A short video, from the shooting of this gallery, shows 2 bullies having some sadistic fun with their victim ...

Videoset „VOLUNTEER“

1 vid published on 2006-07-23, starring: Mrvi Susota

Susota needs a 'volunteer' to clean his dirty garage but this poor boy gets a hard taskmaster...

Videoset „OVER THE SHOULDER“ ( bondage )

1 vid published on 2006-06-11, starring: Mrvi Susota

A guy is tied up and carried over the shoulder deep into the woods for some action ...

Videoset „BOXING BAG“ ( bondage boxing fetish shorts sitting )

2 vids published on 2006-03-10, starring: Mrvi Susota

A guy in gym shorts and a ripped shirt is tied while another guy sits on him. He is now a punch-bag ready for some punishment ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Susota) [0-9 of 9]
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