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Actor Rey

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Videoset „Sheep farm 2“ ( bondage fetish gag sneakers sock spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2009-10-29, starring: Ada Rey

Bound Rey. with a sock in his mouth, is spanked and trampled, then has to do some sneakers sniffing. Finally, he is bound to the tree with his pants pulled down ...

Videoset „Sheep farm 1“ ( blindfold bondage gag handgag servant sock )

1 vid published on 2009-09-04, starring: Ada Rey

Ada meets Rey outside a sheep farm and he lures him closer. He ties the boy's hands, blindfolds him with the remains of his ripped shirt, gags him with a sock and hand, and uses him as a chair.

Videoset „Shore 2“ ( bondage fetish gag shorts spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2009-06-27, starring: Ada Rey

Rey gets Ada's shorts put on his head. He is bound by his hands and gagged then given a full weigh trampling and some spanks and kicks ... We had to break off from shooting this gallery because someone from across the river called the police ...

Videoset „Shore 1“ ( fetish handgag sneakers sock spanking )

1 vid published on 2009-05-24, starring: Ada Rey

Encountering Ada on the river bank bring trouble for poor Rey. He is spanked and handgagged then has to do some sneaker and dirty sock sniffing. Finally he is given some toreador drill ...

Videoset „Rope in woods“ ( bondage gag servant sneakers sock trampling )

1 vid published on 2009-04-25, starring: Ada Hlidac Rey

Ada finds some rope in the woods as he walks with Rey so uses it to tie him to a tree. He kicks the poor boy then gags him before forcing him to do some dirty socks worship. Next Ada calls his friend Hlidac to join him for more fun with Rey and the punishment continues with trampling, kicking and bondage. Some sneaker cleaning by their sub finishes their pleasure for the day...

Videoset „Shirt 2“ ( bondage handgag sock waxing )

2 vids published on 2009-04-10, starring: Ada Rey Shark

After a cold shower, this sub gets a ballbusting and is forced to sniff socks. He is then bound to a chair and tortured with hot wax and handgag. Contains FREE clip ...

Videoset „Serve in public“ ( fetish foot servant sneakers )

1 vid published on 2009-03-03, starring: Ada Rey

Ada's new sexy young boy is very wrong to think that an evening away from his master's house will prevent him from being beaten and humiliated. Instead he gets the punishment in public and the final foot-serving he must perform pleases both his master and the strangers watching it.

Videoset „Shirt“ ( bondage gag )

1 vid published on 2009-01-10, starring: Ada Rey Shark

Rey in his new shirt, a gift from Floris, gets a visit from Ada and Shark. In a short while he is getting his head hit and is bound and gagged before being given a forced cold shower ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Rey) [0-8 of 8]
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