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Actor Pit

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Videoset „Tyre“ ( bondage exercising mask trampling )

1 vid published on 2009-06-21, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

Poor Pit, with bound hands, is forced to build an exercise course from tyres for his own drill. He gets a face mask and is yelled at by the guys who trample him and tie him to a tree...

Videoset „Beside the road“ ( belting bondage kneeling mask spanking )

1 vid published on 2009-05-02, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

New guy Pit, (19 y.o.), gets his torture at the roadside. His hands are bound with his laces and belt then he has to perform knee-bends and press-ups while wearing a face mask. Finally he gets a good spanking ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Pit) [0-2 of 2]
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