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Actor PeterPan

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Videoset „Mud 2“ ( bondage dog drunked fetish kneeling servant smoking sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2014-09-30, starring: Nestly PeterPan

Here is just a real roll in the mud with a bit of boot put in for good effect...

Videoset „Mud“ ( bondage collar dog drunked fetish kneeling servant sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2014-08-10, starring: Nestly PeterPan

The river almost overflowed its banks and everywhere some is so muddy. Here PeterPan meets his "old friend" Nestly and after a bit of sneakers worship and some rope with collar, the Dom gives his boy a trampling followed by some hogtying ...

Videoset „Zlatovlas“ ( bondage collar dog drunked fetish gag jeans servant trampling )

1 vid published on 2014-04-19, starring: PeterPan Zlatohlav

In the last flicker of the winter, dominant PetrPan mix his favorite drink while training new slave Zlatohlav - trampling, crawling, cap in mouth as a gag, collar and treebondage ...

Videoset „Depression 3“ ( blindfold bondage dog drunked exercising fetish handgag jeans servant sneakers spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-12-16, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Baaca is forced to do rolls, squats and push-ups with regular rope spanking in between. PeterPan takes the slave's shirt and ties it to his face. He has to clean the master's trainers and massage and kiss his feet. Then PeterPan poses along with his hogtied slave and only when the master is sure that Baaca's resistance is gone, he leaves ...

Videoset „Bothersome salesman 3“ ( bondage dog drunked fetish gag handgag servant sneakers sock trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-10-22, starring: Baaca PeterPan

The bothersome salesman Bacca, now in tattered rags, is forced to act like a dog and retrieve things for his master. He then has to clean, put on and kiss PeterPan's sneakers and socks. After some HOM, he gets a trampling, then is gagged with a belt and hogtied ...

Videoset „Shorts 3“ ( blindfold bondage drunked exercising fetish gag sneakers spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-08-26, starring: PeterPan Punky

Punky first has to jump into tyres with bound feet. Then PeterPan binds his hands also and hogties him. This is followed by a rope spanking then he is blindfolded and gets a trampling. Beer is spilled on the sub's face and he is forced to kiss sneakers and made to wear shorts on his head ...

Videoset „Karatist 3“ ( bondage collar dog drunked exercising fetish gag servant shorts sneakers sock spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-08-18, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

Slave Baaca with tied legs, and dressed only in red shorts and a dog collar, has to massage the socked feet and then clean, kiss and sniff the sneakers of his two masters. This is followed by trampling and a spanking, then Bacca is gagged and forced to work out with bound feet. Several times the doms pour beer into the sub's knickers. Finally he has to strip naked and get out of there...

Videoset „Sportman 3“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag servant shorts smoking sneakers )

1 vid published on 2013-07-02, starring: PeterPan Punky

Punky, dressed only in sports shorts and socks, gets tied to a pole. then PeterPan uses a clothes pin on his nipple and ear. After a little beating of his slave, PeterPan spanks him with rope and forces him to drink beer. Finally, still tied to the pole, Punky has a sneaker and a gag in his mouth, and is forced to kiss and sniff sneakers ...

Videoset „Treelover 3“ ( bondage collar fetish gag kneeling spanking trampling )

1 vid published on 2013-06-06, starring: PeterPan Zubajda

Shackled Zubajda first gets a beating with a stick. Because master was tired of listening to his slave's whining, he gags him with bits of his torn shirt. Later he uses a stronger binding which leave behind true scars.

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:PeterPan) [0-9 of 69]
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