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Actor Lavor

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Videoset „Rapper 2“ ( collar dog fetish servant smoking sneakers sock spanking underwear )

1 vid published on 2010-10-15, starring: Dzary Lavor PeterPan

Lavor is wearing a rope collar and being trained as a dog. He gets spanked with a wet rag and a sock then is forced to sing into a bottle microphone. He gets many kicks and facers and finally must do a full sneakers cleaning ...

Videoset „Rapper“ ( bondage dog fetish sneakers spanking trampling underwear )

1 vid published on 2010-07-25, starring: Dzary Lavor PeterPan

Lavor's attempt at rapping is awful and he needs to be taught a lesson. His attackers tie him up and give a few kicks and some sneaker trampling. They pull his pants down then spank and give him dog training ...

Videoset „Caps 2“ ( bondage caps exercising fetish gag sneakers sock trampling )

2 vids published on 2010-02-16, starring: Dicky Lavor Papa

Papa, with the face tattoo, joins with Lavor to give a lesson to sub Dicky. He is forced to do press-ups then is trampled and kicked before being hand tied with a sock in his mouth ... Free TRAILER inside ...

Videoset „Caps 1“ ( caps exercising fetish fight sneakers )

1 vid published on 2009-11-26, starring: Dicky Lavor Papa

In a graffiti covered part of the town we see our old smiling friend Dicky, who meets Papa and helper Lavor. They make him do a hurdle race and some somersaults then he is forced to get into a hot steam flow. He is kicked and the bullies fight him, putting their sneakers on his face ...

Videoset „Lavor 2“ ( bondage fetish kneeling servant smoking sneakers spanking trampling )

2 vids published on 2009-10-10, starring: Dzary Lavor Omar PeterPan

After cleaning Dzary and PeterPan's sneakers, our sub has to swab the floor, then is taken for a ride in the car boot. On arrival he is tied up and kicked then pushed into the dustbin. He is spanked and forced to do press-ups then, after some sneaker kissing and a trampling, poor sub Lavor is finally let go ...

Videoset „Lavor“ ( bondage drunked fight kneeling sneakers )

2 vids published on 2009-08-19, starring: Dzary Lavor Omar Papa PeterPan

The guys bring along a new sub, Lavor (20). This guy can't stop smiling even if he's being hung over the side of a building. Not even walking on, kicking, or slapping him will stop him. So the guys stick him in the boot of the car and drive to Dzary's house where he'll finally get that smile wiped from his face.

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Lavor) [0-6 of 6]
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