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Actor Falco

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Videoset „Countryside junkie 2“ ( blindfold bondage drunked fetish sitting sneakers stool trampling )

1 vid published on 2010-07-01, starring: Dzary Falco Massa

Punishment for countryside junkie Falco continues on a frozen pond. He then gets bound to the tree where he is forced to drink and is pelted with snowballs. He is blindfold and gets some kicks and some sneakers trampling ...

Videoset „After bodybuilding“ ( bondage fetish gag servant smoking sneakers sock )

1 vid published on 2010-05-28, starring: Dzary Falco Massa

After their workout the guys use Falco as their servant for lighting cigarettes and cleaning and kissing their sneakers. Finaly Falco ends up bound and gagged on a bodybuilding machine ...

Videoset „Ice wine 2“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag spanking )

1 vid published on 2010-04-30, starring: Falco Papa

Papa lures poor Falco down to the old dock where he binds him to the fence and proceeds to spank him with cable as he is gagged with a shred of his own shirt ...

Videoset „Countryside junkie“ ( bondage caps fetish servant sneakers )

1 vid published on 2010-04-17, starring: Dzary Falco Massa

New longhaired bad guy Massa (21) joins Dzary to punish countryside junkie Falco. They give him some facers and shout humiliating orders at him, then grab his shirt and make him clean and tie their sneakers ...

Videoset „Dormitory“ ( bondage drunked fetish fight gag handgag smoking )

1 vid published on 2010-04-09, starring: Falco Papa

Drinking at the dormitory turns into fight and there can be only one winner. The loser gets gagged with his ripped shirt and is tied to a chair to be given a handgagging and ballbusting ...

Videoset „Ice wine“ ( bondage fetish fight handgag smoking spanking )

1 vid published on 2010-03-26, starring: Falco Papa

Falco doesn't want to share his wine, so gets iced by Papa. He then ties him and spanks him with a cable before handgagging him ...

Videoset „Industrial district 2“ ( bondage fight gag kneeling )

1 vid published on 2010-02-05, starring: Dzary Falco Groufo

Falco gets free of his bonds but Dzary and Groufo are waiting around the corner to recapture him and punish him again. They slap and kick him thenmake him kneel in the hot steam duct...

Videoset „Industrial district 1“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag servant sneakers )

1 vid published on 2009-12-07, starring: Dzary Falco Groufo

Here in an industrial district it is very wet with rain (our camera gets wet too) and new sub Falco is being forced to do some excercising. He does some sneakers cleaning and finaly gets bound and gagged in a desolated factory building ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Falco) [0-8 of 8]
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