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Actor Eleg

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Videoset „Protection zone 2“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag handgag sitting sneakers sock trampling underwear )

1 vid published on 2010-09-30, starring: Ada Eleg

Beefy badass Ada gets busy hazing an already bound and almost naked Eleg on the field he finds him in! Eleg is made to exercise, smell Ada's sneakers, bark like a dog and slither like a snake! Ada's contant verbal degradation and obvious pleasure having Eleg so pathetic is hot as hell!

Videoset „Protection zone“ ( bondage fetish fight foot gag jeans sitting sneakers sock spanking )

1 vid published on 2010-08-12, starring: Ada Eleg

Eleg tries to enter a water protection zone so Ada has to fight him. He takes his shoes and socks and throws them into the meadow,then gags and binds him before making Eleg sniff socks and sneakers ...

Videoset „Valentine 2“ ( bondage fetish handgag jeans trampling )

1 vid published on 2010-06-05, starring: Ada Eleg

After Ada has eaten all his sweets he returns his attention to Eleg. He kicks and slaps him then handgags Eleg. After a ballbusting he finaly ties him to the pole ...

Videoset „Valentine“ ( bondage fetish fight handgag jeans sitting )

1 vid published on 2010-04-02, starring: Ada Eleg

Eleg is on the way to a Valentine's party with gifts but meets Ada, who decides that he wants the rose and sweetbox instead. He kicks the boy then sits on his face, handgags and binds him before giving some wedgies ...

Videoset „Autograph“ ( bondage fetish fight gag handgag trampling )

1 vid published on 2010-01-17, starring: Ada Eleg

Rapper Ada finds he has a pushy fan. After some kicks, he takes off his shirt and ties him to the pole with some handgaging and ballbusting to follow. He is then gagged with the shirt and trampled. Eleg gets no autograph, but broken spectacles instead ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Eleg) [0-5 of 5]
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