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Actor Bengoro

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Videoset „Housecleaning 2“ ( blindfold bondage collar dog exercising fetish gag kneeling sitting sock spanking trampling underwear )

1 vid published on 2012-12-27, starring: Bengoro Punky

Bengoro first makes poor Punky dance in a torn shirt, and then only in his underpants. After this he is dog trained, spanked with a scarf and rope, then made to exercise. Next the boy is forced to kiss the floor and later mop it as he is kicked and trampled. After dancing on a chair, he is finally tied to the heating system with a gag on ...

Videoset „Housecleaning“ ( drunked exercising fetish foot gag jeans kneeling servant smoking sock trampling )

1 vid published on 2012-08-31, starring: Bengoro Punky

Bengoro, who is visiting Punky, hates the disorder he finds in his apartment. He makes him sweep and mop the floor then, as well as kissing and massaging his feet, orders Punky to serve him as a foot stool. Bengoro tears the boy's shirt and uses part of it to gag him. Next he gets trampled and is forced to exercise, then after a few blows, he is made to crawl on the ground ...

Videoset „Mistake 3“ ( bondage caps collar dog exercising fetish kneeling servant smoking underwear )

2 vids published on 2012-05-17, starring: Bengoro Lala

Dominant Bengoro takes Lala, still tied by the leg, to swim in the river. When the slave climbs from the river, he gets rolled on the ground meaning that he has to return into the water again to clean up. When Lala doesnt act fast enough, he gets hit by the rope. There follows a performance of senseless tasks and forced exercise until the sub gets tied to a pole and given mercy ...

Videoset „Mistake 2“ ( bondage collar exercising fetish kneeling nettle servant sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2012-01-24, starring: Bengoro Lala

Bengoro takes sub Lala to "relax" in the shade, but there is no rest for the poor boy as he is slapped a bit and tied to a tree. He gets whipped with a small belt which is then given to him as a collar around his neck. Following this he gets trampled and is forced to kiss sneakers and do squats, tearing his shirt in the process. He then is hung by the leg with a rope and made to dog train.

Videoset „Mistake“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish kneeling servant smoking sneakers trampling )

1 vid published on 2011-10-09, starring: Bengoro Lala

Our new master (Bengoro, 22) mistakes Lala for a guy who owes him money. When he realises that it isn't the guy he decides it does not matter, and attacks him anyway. He kicks him about then makes him do press-ups. He is tied with rope and forced to clean sneakers with his own shirt before being given some dog training. Finally, he is forced to kiss sneakers ...

VIDEOSETS (cancel filteringfiltered:Bengoro) [0-5 of 5]
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