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Gallery „Instead meditation“ ( dog fetish gag jeans sneakers sock tickling trampling )

381 images published on 2014-04-12, starring: Lala PeterPan

PeterPan wanted to meditate, but found that give a lesson to motherfucker is much better - beating with plank, dog training, ballbusting, trampling, sock sniffing, tickling, nipple torture, plank in a mouth as a gag ...

Gallery „Pipes 2“ ( blindfold bondage fetish gag handgag spanking tickling )

431 images published on 2010-12-17, starring: Papa Perkelt

Sub Perkelt was briefly untied to clean and prepare the area for his next tree bondage, he is then gagged and tied to a tree, spanked with a cable and stick, teased by tickling and then given a rough ballbusting ...

Gallery „Smelly socks 2“ ( bondage drunked fetish fight gag handgag kneeling sitting smoking sock stool tickling trampling )

506 images published on 2010-11-12, starring: Papa Zubajda

Our master here is Papa, with tattood face and smelly socks to inflict on his sub. He is tied and lightly teased with tickling before the rough action starts with ball-busting and trampling. His torment continues with a drenching in lemanade and his shirt is burned with a cigarette and ripped to make a gag for him. Finally he is force fed on leaves from the tree...

Gallery „Decent guy“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag spanking tickling underwear )

355 images published on 2010-05-08, starring: Kulisek Papa

Papa punishes Kulisek for dressing too smartly. He kickshim and makes him do a hurdle race before spanking him. His shirt is ripped and he is tied to the flagpole then stripped, gagged and tickled...

Gallery „Initiation 2“ ( bondage fetish jeans kneeling servant sneakers tickling )

188 images published on 2008-07-18, starring: Ada Lala Shark

To gain entrance into the gang, tree bound Lala must withstand a number of trials. He is punched then tickled then after being untied he is forced to lick the guys sneakers, including soles ...

Gallery „Shark's room“ ( bondage boxing fight sitting sock tickling trampling underwear )

170 images published on 2008-04-04, starring: Ada Lala Shark

Ada visits his new friend Shark and takes nerd Lala with him for a little fun. They start fighting and tickling, then the action gets rougher with some boxing and bed bondage. Finally Lala is forced to sniff some very dirty socks before being trampled...

Gallery „Campfire2“ ( bondage fetish fight jeans kneeling sitting tickling )

168 images published on 2007-10-04, starring: Ada Casey Dundy

Ada and Casey tied up Dundy's hands and give him a hard kicking and slapping. He gets a ballbusting and is thrown over and caried over the shoulder ...

Gallery „FRATFUN“ ( fight jeans sitting sock tickling )

45 images published on 2006-03-10, starring: Giom Sony Mrvi

SonyBoy shows off his tatoos as requested by you. He and Giom pick on poor Mrvi with some tickle torture and full weight sitting, then some wedgies to follow ...

Gallery „TICKLING“ ( bondage caps fetish jeans mask sneakers tickling )

91 images published on 2005-09-20, starring: Hefaistos Stupa

Some tickling torture by special request then the victim is tied up and given a face mask ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Tickling) [0-9 of 9]
order by listing step

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