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Gallery „View“ ( blindfold bondage caps drunked fetish fight jeans sitting sneakers trampling underwear )

440 images published on 2014-08-30, starring: Baaca Ricardo

Our new dominant, blue-eyed blond Ricardo, run upon Baaca, who enjoyed a view of the valley. After a brief struggle the sub stopped resisting and was hogtied, slapped and stripped of shoes and pants...

Gallery „Sticker“ ( drunked fetish pony servant sitting smoking stool )

436 images published on 2013-05-22, starring: Papa Zeleny

Dominant Papa found on his sweater a sticker. Promptly was handy, because it marked his new slave. Sub Zeleny (24) also served as a bench and a horse to ride across the meadow ...

Gallery „Under the bridge 3“ ( blindfold bondage fetish foot handgag jeans servant sitting trampling )

388 images published on 2012-11-10, starring: Thor Woody

Sub Woody (20), gets tied to the railing with his own shirt,and gets a few shots, kicks and slaps. When he starts crying, Thor has to cover his mouth with hands. Next he unties his slave and forces him to remove his own shoelaces, with which he is hogtied. Following a trampling, he gets beaten with slippers and a shirt, and finally burned with a lighter ...

Gallery „Under the bridge 2“ ( bondage exercising fetish fight sitting trampling )

534 images published on 2012-09-15, starring: Thor Woody

Woody begins to resist a little, so Thor gets some black currants and smears him with them. After a few blows the sub is back in line and doing his master's bidding, including some cleaning. After some push-ups and running to please his master, the slave is tied up with his own shirt to a railing...

Gallery „Under the bridge“ ( fetish fight foot jeans sitting smoking )

554 images published on 2012-08-24, starring: Thor Woody

Our new sub, 20 year-old Woody, meets dom Thor under the bridge. In a moment he has a wet, dirty and torn shirt and Thor grips and touches him roughly. After being burned with a cigarette, the sub is forced to retrieve and put on some shoes, and finally to eat grass ...

Gallery „Zahy and Bimac 2“ ( bondage collar fetish jeans sitting sneakers stool )

480 images published on 2012-05-18, starring: Bimac Zahy

Because sub Bimac was constantly trying to escape, his master has to take his cap and sneakers. The slave also gets beaten and forced to serve as a chair before being collared and getting his hands and feet bound ...

Gallery „Housecleaning 2“ ( blindfold bondage collar dog exercising fetish gag kneeling sitting sock spanking trampling underwear )

539 images published on 2012-03-02, starring: Bengoro Punky

Bengoro first makes poor Punky dance in a torn shirt, and then only in his underpants. After this he is dog trained, spanked with a scarf and rope, then made to exercise. Next the boy is forced to kiss the floor and later mop it as he is kicked and trampled. After dancing on a chair,he is finally tied to the heating system with a gag on ...

Gallery „Housecleaning“ ( drunked exercising fetish foot gag kneeling servant sitting sock trampling )

496 images published on 2012-01-20, starring: Bengoro Punky

Bengoro, who was visiting Punky, hates the disorder he finds in his apartment. He makes him sweep and mop the floor then, as well as kissing and massaging his feet, orders Punky to serve him as a foot stool. Bengoro tears the boy's shirt and uses part of it to gag him. Next he gets trampled and is forced to exercise, then after a few blows, he is made to crawl on the ground ...

Gallery „Faggish t-shirt 3“ ( blindfold bondage dog fetish gag jeans kneeling servant sitting sneakers )

514 images published on 2012-01-06, starring: Dzary Pluto

Pluto has to put on his "faggish" shirt again. After a while kneeling, he serves as a footstool for the dom's legs. Finally Dzary tears the sub's shirt, binds his boy's hands and ties him to a tree including a gag and rag on his head ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Sitting) [0-9 of 83]
order by listing step

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