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Gallery „Sportman 3“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag shorts smoking sneakers sock spanking )

514 images published on 2012-05-25, starring: PeterPan Punky

Punky, dressed only in sports shorts and socks, gets tied to a pole. then PeterPan uses a clothes pin on his nipple and ear. After a little beating of his slave, PeterPan spanks him with rope and forces him to drink beer. Finally, still tied to the pole, Punky has a sneaker and a gag in his mouth, and is forced to kiss and sniff sneakers ...

Gallery „Karatist 2“ ( blindfold collar dog drunked exercising fetish foot gag kneeling servant shorts smoking sneakers sock stool underwear )

483 images published on 2012-03-09, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

A slave dressed only in briefs and a dog collar has to light a cigarette for his masters, which are then used to burn him on his back. He has to take a gag in the mouth made from his dirty socks and shorts, then do some sneakers and ass kissing. He is doused with wine and stretched by his arms and legs before being forced to exercise. Finally he must massage and kiss socked feet ...

Gallery „Mistake 3“ ( bondage collar exercising fetish servant shorts smoking underwear )

514 images published on 2011-12-23, starring: Bengoro Lala

Dominant Bengoro takes Lala, still tied by the leg, to swim in the river. When the slave climbs from the river, he gets rolled on the ground meaning that he has to return into the water again to clean up. When Lala doesnt act fast enough, he gets hit by the rope. There follows a performance of senseless tasks and forced exercise until the sub gets tied to a pole and given mercy ...

Gallery „Karatist“ ( blindfold bondage collar dog exercising fetish nettle shorts sneakers sock spanking trampling underwear )

440 images published on 2011-11-18, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

Doms PeterPan and Strela see Bacca making a bad attempt to train at karate. After a few strokes he is stripped to his briefs, made to wear red shorts on his head and forced to exercise. He is dog collared and tortured with nettles, rope spanking and trampling, then, with bound hands, he is forced to sniff sneakers ...

Gallery „Sportsman 2“ ( bondage dog drunked exercising fetish handgag kneeling servant shorts smoking sneakers spanking trampling )

497 images published on 2011-08-19, starring: PeterPan Punky

Sportman's punishment continues with some press-ups including rope spanking. He gets handgagged and has clothes pins attached, then is forced to do some sneaker kissing. A rusty bucket is put on his head and beer spilled on him before he is forced to smoke a cigarrette and finally tied up ...

Gallery „Wagons 2“ ( bondage dog drunked exercising fetish gag shorts sneakers trampling )

533 images published on 2011-07-15, starring: Dzary Punky

The young thief's punishment continues on the ground, where he is headed like a dog with a PET in it's mouth and gets a few kicks. He is then tied to a tree with rope and plastic wrap then given a couple of slaps. Next he has beer spilled over him and is forced to eat grass ...

Gallery „Wagons“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag servant shorts sneakers trampling )

556 images published on 2011-05-13, starring: Dzary Punky

Skinhead Dzary catches a vandal at the railway wagons - after an initial beating Punky is forced to eat grass, scrambling on hands and knees and is soaked with beer. Later, he is tied up to the wagon, rope gagged and beaten with a rod. Finally he is forced to kiss and clean his master sneakers ...

Gallery „Secondary dog 2“ ( blindfold bondage collar dog drunked exercising fetish kneeling shorts sneakers spanking )

472 images published on 2010-10-29, starring: Kubis PeterPan

For a while Kubis was allowed to "relax" bound by the tree, but PeterPan soon start dog training again. Kubis has sneakers pushed into his mouth and then forced to play dead, followed by some exercises. Knee bends and press-ups are followed by some running with shorts on his head, then finally he is spanked with a rope...

Gallery „Own tool“ ( bondage collar dog exercising fetish foot gag handgag shorts sneakers sock spanking )

454 images published on 2010-08-27, starring: Kubis PeterPan

Kubis tries to steal PeterPan's kitback, but is caught and has the contents of his own bag used against him as a punishment. Rope, rubber gloves and clothes pins all add to his suffering, and there is more fun for PeterPan with sport shorts and old socks. Kubis is then tied to a tree then rope spanked and sock and handgagged. His punishment continues with sneaker and feet cleaning, a few kicks and finally some dog training and forced exercising ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Shorts) [0-9 of 38]
order by listing step

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