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Gallery „Sticker 3“ ( bondage collar fetish gag handgag kneeling pony servant sneakers trampling )

491 images published on 2014-03-28, starring: Papa Zeleny

High grass, sub in torn shirt and with sticker on face "enjoying" the last third of his lesson with Dom Papa - gag, horse riding, (rope) whipping the back, barking at the cameraman, ballbusting, bondage, trampling, ass kicking, handgag ...

Gallery „Sticker 2“ ( collar exercising fetish gag kneeling pony servant spanking )

484 images published on 2013-08-04, starring: Papa Zeleny

Sub Zeleny had to carry piles of hay under the careful supervision of Dom Papa. Then got a leash and as right pony ate the grass. Then Papa ripped slave's shirt, rag used as a gag and rope spanking his bare back ...

Gallery „Sticker“ ( drunked fetish pony servant sitting smoking stool )

436 images published on 2013-05-22, starring: Papa Zeleny

Dominant Papa found on his sweater a sticker. Promptly was handy, because it marked his new slave. Sub Zeleny (24) also served as a bench and a horse to ride across the meadow ...

Gallery „Pants down“ ( boots drunked exercising fetish fight jeans kneeling pony )

504 images published on 2012-12-14, starring: Dzary Lala

Drunken Lala pees on Dzary's snowman. Not even enough to turn on the fly but is caught by Dzary. In vain Lala makes excuses that it is too cold, but he can not avoid punishment, and gets ice balls and a wallow in the snow. He gets pony training, is bindfolded and forced to kiss boots, followed by a stick in the ass and exercises to warm him up ...

Gallery „Sunbather 2“ ( blindfold boots dog exercising fetish kneeling pony servant trampling )

533 images published on 2012-11-17, starring: Dzary Pesik

This skinhead has a variety of tasks to teach slave Pesik a harsh lesson. He must fetch like a dog, playing bullfighting and pony riding, then some turtle training. The punishment continues and includes sunscreen, dirty work boots worship and trampling along with slapping, kicking and rod whipping. The sub's shirt ends up in tatters and his torn collar is used as blindfold ...

Gallery „Bastard 2“ ( dog fetish fight foot handgag jeans kneeling pony trampling )

496 images published on 2012-07-27, starring: Bastard Lala

During this action the slave spends most of the time lying on the ground as this dominant Bastard tries out a couple of hold-downs on the poor boy. There follows some dog and pony training then the slave gets a beating with a stick before being handgagged. The action continues with some kissing his feet and trampling ...

Gallery „Toll“ ( collar dog exercising fetish pony sneakers sock underwear )

470 images published on 2012-07-07, starring: Fetty Lala

Walking through some areas is impossible without getting into some trouble, especially when that area happens to be the territory of the dominant Fetty. The unfortunate trespasser is given a beating and forced to eat grass, then has to kiss and sniff socks. Our slave also had to pull down his pants before being collared and trained as a dog and a pony ...

Gallery „Revenge 3“ ( bondage fetish gag kneeling pony servant sitting )

490 images published on 2011-05-20, starring: Baaca Roman

As his punishment reaches it's conclusion, Baca shows signs that he's completely remorseful for all he has done. Further humiliations and cold weather prove their power again!

Gallery „Pantyhose“ ( bondage collar dog drunked exercising fetish handgag kneeling pony servant smoking sneakers sock spanking trampling underwear )

544 images published on 2011-04-15, starring: Kutil PeterPan

Kutil (20) is wearing pantyhose in secret, but our dom PeterPan has good eyes and spots them. As punishment Kutil gets some face slaps, kicks and trampling. Forced to wear a collar he is also handgagged and exercised with dog / pony training. Rope spanking, hogtying, using a rubber glove and a sock in mouth followed by some sneaker worship ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Pony) [0-9 of 28]
order by listing step

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