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Gallery „Deserter 2“ ( blindfold bondage boots fetish mask military smoking spanking trampling underwear uniform )

519 images published on 2011-12-16, starring: Dzary Hrasek PeterPan

Soldiers PeterPan and Dzary were not nice at all with deserters but Hrasek in a gas mask quite "enjoyed" the lesson they had for him. He screams and protests as they kick and wedgie him then give a trampling with their heavy boots. He is forced to eat grass and is beaten with a rod before getting some ballbusting. At the end of the lesson this deserter's clothing is torn all to pieces, including underwear and shoes ...

Gallery „Deserter“ ( boots drunked exercising fetish kneeling mask military servant spanking trampling underwear uniform )

525 images published on 2011-07-29, starring: Dzary Hrasek PeterPan

Soldiers PeterPan and Dzary capture deserter Hrasek and dress him back in a military tracksuit. They add a gas mask to his outfit and punishment can start with some kicking and trampling. Next comes some bare ass spanking and a ballbusting...

Gallery „Two sergeants 2“ ( blindfold bondage boots drunked exercising fetish fight gag kneeling military nettle servant smoking )

526 images published on 2010-10-01, starring: Dzary Kas PeterPan

Shampoo guy is forced to clean the sergeant's boots with bits torn from his own shirt. He is forced to kiss boots, then dance and sing for his captors. After some hitting he is made to exercise and is stung by nettles before finaly being gagged and bound to the power pole ...

Gallery „Two sergeants“ ( boots exercising fetish gag kneeling military sitting smoking trampling )

472 images published on 2010-06-11, starring: Dzary Kas PeterPan

Two sergeants have a strict lesson for shampoo guy. They tearhis shirt and use it to gag him, then hit him and tear his spare shirt too and he is forced to prepare their smokes ...

Gallery „Practice“ ( exercising fetish military shorts uniform )

255 images published on 2009-08-28, starring: Konopac Papa

Papa is putting his new trainee Konopac through his paces. He makes him work hard at squatting, jogging and press-ups with a foot on his shoulder. After some self defence training they wander off in the rain with Papa yelling abuse as they go...

Gallery „Soldiers 2“ ( boots fetish fight military sitting uniform )

129 images published on 2008-01-17, starring: Hefaistos Mrvi

This soldier can't face any more humiliation from his senior (in the first set) and hits back. The senior is kicked and given a ballbusting, then forced to wallow in mud and snow. Soon he has had enough and lies inert on the ground ...

Gallery „Military rookie“ ( boots exercising fetish kneeling mask military servant shorts spanking )

155 images published on 2007-10-19, starring: Ada Joker Vilda

Two army buddies take the slowest rookie from their unit to the forest behind the barracks. They put him through a painfull and humiliating drill which includes some insane tasks. He is forced to exercise and clean their boots then is spanked and made to wear a gas mask whilst exercising some more...

Gallery „Soldiers 1“ ( boots exercising fetish fight military sitting trampling uniform )

199 images published on 2007-03-01, starring: Hefaistos Mrvi

An unexpected inspection causes problems for this patrol soldier. Being a "Grunt" in this army is tough, especially when your superiors are bully boys. Press ups and punches are part of this soldiers normal day.

Gallery „MILITARY HAZING III.“ ( blindfold bondage boots fetish military shorts )

90 images published on 2005-01-20, starring: Buster Cobra Wolker

New recruits Cobra and Wolker get a tough time from their officer. Cobra is forced to clean Buster's boots then both are tied up and blindfolded before being forced to drink.

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Military) [0-9 of 12]
order by listing step

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