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Gallery „Gig-lamps“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish gag kneeling mask nettle sneakers trampling )

534 images published on 2012-09-07, starring: Dzary Lala

In this set Dzary really enjoys the humiliation of his slave Lala. He forces his sub to crawl on all fours like a good dog followed by grazing the grass, brambles and nettles. Next comes some slapping and kicking, then, with some tights on his head, the boy must do sit-ups and pushups. There follows some trampling and beating with a rope before he is finally bound to a tree...

Gallery „Deserter 2“ ( blindfold bondage boots fetish mask military smoking spanking trampling underwear uniform )

519 images published on 2011-12-16, starring: Dzary Hrasek PeterPan

Soldiers PeterPan and Dzary were not nice at all with deserters but Hrasek in a gas mask quite "enjoyed" the lesson they had for him. He screams and protests as they kick and wedgie him then give a trampling with their heavy boots. He is forced to eat grass and is beaten with a rod before getting some ballbusting. At the end of the lesson this deserter's clothing is torn all to pieces, including underwear and shoes ...

Gallery „Deserter“ ( boots drunked exercising fetish kneeling mask military servant spanking trampling underwear uniform )

525 images published on 2011-07-29, starring: Dzary Hrasek PeterPan

Soldiers PeterPan and Dzary capture deserter Hrasek and dress him back in a military tracksuit. They add a gas mask to his outfit and punishment can start with some kicking and trampling. Next comes some bare ass spanking and a ballbusting...

Gallery „Shore 2“ ( bondage boxing fetish fight gag kneeling mask shorts spanking trampling )

237 images published on 2009-06-05, starring: Ada Rey

Masked with Ada's boxer shorts on his head, bound, and gagged, Rey is helpless to defend himself against Ada's kicks, spankings, trampling. Just as things begin to get interesting our shooting was interrupted when someone on the opposite shore called the police.

Gallery „Tyre“ ( bondage mask trampling )

197 images published on 2009-05-29, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

Poor Pit is forced to build an obstacle course from tires for his own drill. Dzary and Papa aren't done with him there: they knock him down and trample him before tying him to a tree and leaving him after assailing him with yelling and verbal abuse.

Gallery „Beside the road“ ( bondage exercising kneeling mask sitting spanking )

195 images published on 2009-04-03, starring: Dzary Papa Pit

New guy Pit (19 y.o.) gets his torture by the roadside as his hands are bound with his laces and belt. He must do knee-bends and press-ups for his captors, who then put him in a ski mask and give him a spanking ...

Gallery „Gift for Hefaistos“ ( bondage fetish jeans mask pony sitting trampling )

110 images published on 2008-04-11, starring: Ada Hefaistos Joker Vilda

Hefaistos has a birthday and Joker and Ada have given him a present, a bound Vilda. Hefaistos and Ada decide they haven't had enough fun at the party so they catch Vilda the next day to continue the action with more bondage, trampling and pony play...

Gallery „Training 2“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish gag jocks kneeling mask shorts sneakers sock )

255 images published on 2007-11-29, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

This sub has his hands tied up with tape and is subjected to a variety of humilliation and pain. After the initial beating he is put on a lead and dog trained, which includes yellow, kicking and sneaker worship. Then his hands are bound behind his back and he is forced to sniff a sneaker before finally he has socks pushed into his mouth ...

Gallery „Military rookie“ ( boots exercising fetish kneeling mask military servant shorts spanking )

155 images published on 2007-10-19, starring: Ada Joker Vilda

Two army buddies take the slowest rookie from their unit to the forest behind the barracks. They put him through a painfull and humiliating drill which includes some insane tasks. He is forced to exercise and clean their boots then is spanked and made to wear a gas mask whilst exercising some more...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Mask) [0-9 of 16]
order by listing step

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