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Gallery „Reunion 3“ ( blindfold bondage drunked fetish foot handgag jocks servant sneakers sock stool underwear )

455 images published on 2014-07-25, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

Slave Zubajda in jocks was used as a footstool for both dominants. Then sub had to put on their socks and sneakers. Later he was tied to a sign "Nature Reserve", beaten, blinfolded and cluttered with old junk ...

Gallery „Reunion 2“ ( blindfold collar dog drunked fetish foot jeans jocks kneeling servant sneakers sock underwear )

477 images published on 2013-11-24, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

Blinfolded slave Zubajda had to wear a jockstrap and got nice wedgie. He was also trained as a dog, had to climb over the rocks and everytime was pulled back with leash. Finaly had to take off shoes and socks to both dominants and massage their feet ...

Gallery „Reunion“ ( bondage collar drunked fetish fight handgag jeans jocks smoking sneakers trampling underwear )

454 images published on 2013-09-28, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

After a long time appeared Hajkis (found in our galleries 5 years ago) and now reunited with Dom Papa. Slave Zubajda was beaten, bound, handgagged, collared and trampled. Our dominants also drank his wine, forced him to climb over rocks, on his head, put a plastic bag, let him to undress and put on a jockstrap...

Gallery „Perv 3“ ( blindfold bondage collar drunked exercising fetish foot jocks kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock underwear )

543 images published on 2012-05-04, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Sub Baaca in a jockstrap, and with collar and bound hands, has to dry PeterPan's just washed socks by blowing on them. Because they were still wet, Baaca gets whipped with them several times and also has to dance for the amusement of his master. Next he must light cigarettes, do push-ups and bind sneakers, then finally he ends up tied to an iron ring and blindfolded ...

Gallery „Perv“ ( collar dog drunked fetish jocks nettle servant sneakers spanking )

491 images published on 2011-06-24, starring: Baaca PeterPan

When PeterPan stumbles across Baaca wearing tights, a jockstraps and tanga briefs, his first intinct was to laugh at the sight. Then he put a collar on his victim and began with the punishment for his pervy behaviour. First was some dog trainin followed by some fun with clothes pins. Baaca is forced to eat grass and tortured with nettles before dancing to amuse mis master and worship his sneakers....

Gallery „Training 2“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish gag jocks kneeling mask shorts sneakers sock )

255 images published on 2007-11-29, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

This sub has his hands tied up with tape and is subjected to a variety of humilliation and pain. After the initial beating he is put on a lead and dog trained, which includes yellow, kicking and sneaker worship. Then his hands are bound behind his back and he is forced to sniff a sneaker before finally he has socks pushed into his mouth ...

Gallery „Training 1“ ( collar exercising fetish gag jocks kneeling mask shorts sneakers trampling )

206 images published on 2007-08-02, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

Whimp is made to wear a jockstrap on a isolated bush track. A boxers head mask and a number painted on his back complete his new outfit and training can start. He is sadistically kicked & trampled, then punched and made to box. Next he is forced to crawl as he kisses sneakers before finally being then collared and having his mouth taped up....

Gallery „DOG AND HORSE 0“ ( collar dog fetish jocks pony shorts )

39 images published on 2006-01-23, starring: Polivka

This mugger was released from prison not long ago, but it was a mistake. He is soon back to his bad old ways, mugging a passer by and kicking him in the stomach and balls ...

Gallery „ANYTHING BUT SEX“ ( bondage boxing handgag jocks kneeling mask )

71 images published on 2005-11-21, starring: Polivka

We met this tatooed guy on the street and he agreed to do anything except sex. O.K. but in no time we had him stripped down to a jockstrap and boxer head mask, ready for action. We tied his hands up, handgaged and trampled on him...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Jocks) [0-9 of 12]
order by listing step

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