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Tag haircut

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Gallery „Dull question 3“ ( bondage collar dog exercising fetish haircut jeans servant smoking sneakers trampling )

465 images published on 2013-12-22, starring: Lala PeterPan

Treebound Lala with a stick in his mouth as a gag get several hits, including those in the balls. After that was unbound for dog training. Finally his master rip his shirt, trampled and hogtied him ...

Gallery „Hair 2“ ( bondage fetish haircut kneeling police uniform )

101 images published on 2007-09-13, starring: Mrvi Susota

The cop doesn't like Buster's untidy look so handcuffs him and forces him to kneel as the angry cop cuts off his hair ...

Gallery „Skinhead 1“ ( fetish haircut kneeling servant sitting sneakers spanking trampling )

199 images published on 2007-07-05, starring: Mrvi Stupa

Mrvi has a new haircut, (he is a real skinhead again), and is recruiting Stupa into serving him. Stupa's initiation includes a severe beating and some very hard spanking with a stick which leaves large marks on his back. His humiliation continues with trampling and forced foot massage...

Gallery „RECRUIT“ ( fetish haircut military shorts )

44 images published on 2004-10-17, starring: Hefaistos

Before his haircut we see a fresh faced new recruit (see the piss stain on his military shorts), after we have an arrogant old hand.

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Haircut) [0-4 of 4]
order by listing step

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