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Actor Wolker

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Gallery „MILITARY HAZING III.“ ( blindfold bondage boots fetish military shorts )

90 images published on 2005-01-20, starring: Buster Cobra Wolker

New recruits Cobra and Wolker get a tough time from their officer. Cobra is forced to clean Buster's boots then both are tied up and blindfolded before being forced to drink.

Gallery „MILITARY HAZING II.“ ( belting fetish military shorts spanking uniform )

57 images published on 2004-12-10, starring: Buster Cobra Wolker

Cobra is forced to hold down poor Wolker as he gets a hard spanking. Buster really enjoys his belt job on the boy...

Gallery „AT WORK“ ( bondage )

36 images published on 2004-11-12, starring: Cobra Wolker

See what may happen in a factory changing room if someone gets his ass too near to a young bully.

Gallery „HORNY“ ( bondage fetish smoking )

66 images published on 2004-10-16, starring: Cobra Wolker

What can a straight guy do if he is horny and there's no girl around? The best way is to tie up his roomate and use him!

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Wolker) [0-4 of 4]
order by listing step

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