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Actor Susota

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Gallery „Terc, you smelling shit! 2“ ( bondage fetish jeans sneakers trampling )

183 images published on 2008-04-17, starring: Mrvi Susota Tercik

Two angry guys finally come face to face with their enemy. It is time to show who's the boss around here and poor Terc finds out the hard way. He gets trampled and kicked good, then is hogtied and flogged before being bound to the pole ...

Gallery „Terc, you smelling shit!“ ( bondage fetish handgag sneakers trampling )

172 images published on 2007-11-01, starring: Mrvi Susota Tercik

Two angry guys finally meet their enemy. It's time to show who's the boss there and make Terc's body suffer. He gets pinned down, ballbusted, and trampled on with work boots, then is bound and handgagged ...

Gallery „Hair 2“ ( bondage fetish haircut kneeling police uniform )

101 images published on 2007-09-13, starring: Mrvi Susota

The cop doesn't like Buster's untidy look so handcuffs him and forces him to kneel as the angry cop cuts off his hair ...

Gallery „Car“ ( caps fetish fight sitting sneakers )

156 images published on 2007-07-19, starring: Hefaistos Mrvi Pernik Susota

A young driver, alone on a country road, is robbed then brutally asaulted by 3 thugs, then sadistically kicked and beaten with bars. He is then methodically tortured and bundled into the trunk of his car ...

Gallery „Hair“ ( bondage fetish fight police servant sitting spanking uniform )

157 images published on 2007-06-08, starring: Mrvi Susota

This cute policeman has detained a vandal. He is cuffed and spanked using the policeman's baton, then beaten for a long time.

Gallery „Cottage“ ( bondage fight jeans sitting )

172 images published on 2006-11-30, starring: Mrvi Pernik Susota

As requested by members, Pernik is attacked by two burglars in his own cottage ...

Gallery „SMS“ ( bondage caps handgag jeans sitting spanking )

106 images published on 2006-10-12, starring: Mrvi Pernik Susota

If writing SMS, be alert for thieves around you, otherwise you may end up losing your phone and getting some welts from spanking ...

Gallery „ROPED“ ( bondage jeans sneakers spanking )

107 images published on 2006-08-11, starring: Pernik Susota Mrvi

This victim is roped to the tree and his attackers spank and kick him then burn him with a cigarette. When finished with him, they leave him lying in the woods ...

Gallery „2 ON 1“ ( fetish gag jeans sneakers spanking trampling )

252 images published on 2006-07-27, starring: Hruby Susota Mrvi

A victim is caught and beaten up in some brushwood by two bullies. They tear off his pants and shoes then spank him with a pole before trampling on the poor guy...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Susota) [0-9 of 13]
order by listing step

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