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Actor Shark

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Gallery „Shirt 2“ ( bondage handgag sock waxing )

187 images published on 2009-03-13, starring: Ada Rey Shark

After a forced cold shower, our sub is given a ballbusting and made to sniff socks. He then gets tied to a chair and tortured with hot wax as he is handgagged...

Gallery „Shirt“ ( bondage fetish gag jeans )

152 images published on 2009-01-03, starring: Ada Rey Shark

Rey is wearing the new shirt sent to him by Floris, when Ada and Shark come to visit. In a while he gets hit about the head and is bound, gagged, then forced to take a cold shower ...

Gallery „Time To Get On Your Knees, Boy!“ ( bondage gag handgag jeans kneeling sitting sock trampling )

172 images published on 2008-12-05, starring: Ada Friendrich Shark

Ada and Shark met their "friend" Friendrich who is supposed to be a obedient boy for them. But today the poor boy refuses to kneel and gets a harsh lesson in return. He soon knows his place again as he is kicked and trampled, has hands over his mouth. then is bound, sock gagged and much more!

Gallery „Soccer 3“ ( fetish kneeling servant sneakers soccer )

189 images published on 2008-11-20, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

After another game of soccer it is time for some humiliation for Polivka. He is first 'cleaned' with a dirty rag and forced to kiss sneakers. fter being drenched with water, Polivka is made to 'suck' the bottle ...

Gallery „Soccer 2“ ( bondage kneeling servant soccer )

204 images published on 2008-10-03, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

Ada and Shark improve on a game of soccer with a new element, a tied up player. Sub Polivka, with bound hands is forced to play soccer and kneel to retrieve the ball from shrubs...

Gallery „Soccer 1“ ( bondage exercising fetish shorts soccer )

166 images published on 2008-08-29, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

Ada and Shark want to play a game of soccer and take Polivka along to retrieve the balls. They then decide to have more fun by forcing him to do press-ups and tie him up as a good target for a beating...

Gallery „Column 2“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag servant shorts sneakers spanking )

224 images published on 2008-08-07, starring: Ada Shark Tomex

Three 20 y.o. guys have some fun after practice. Two doms force the third guy to do their bidding and he is bound and gagged then spanked. After this he has to clean their sneakers and do some exercises...

Gallery „Initiation 2“ ( bondage fetish jeans kneeling servant sneakers tickling )

188 images published on 2008-07-18, starring: Ada Lala Shark

To gain entrance into the gang, tree bound Lala must withstand a number of trials. He is punched then tickled then after being untied he is forced to lick the guys sneakers, including soles ...

Gallery „Column 1“ ( bondage fetish gag shorts trampling )

209 images published on 2008-06-06, starring: Ada Shark Tomex

Ada and Shark lead their naive friend Tomex (20) into the mountains and introduce him to some dom/sub games. For his first time they try to be nice and only tie him to a cable tower, but their dark side soon emerges and the games get rougher as Tomex is gagged and trampled ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Shark) [0-9 of 11]
order by listing step

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