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Actor Roman

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Gallery „Revenge 3“ ( bondage fetish gag kneeling pony servant sitting )

490 images published on 2011-05-20, starring: Baaca Roman

As his punishment reaches it's conclusion, Baca shows signs that he's completely remorseful for all he has done. Further humiliations and cold weather prove their power again!

Gallery „Revenge 2“ ( blindfold bondage dog fetish gag jeans kneeling servant smoking )

490 images published on 2011-03-04, starring: Baaca Roman

Roman's revenge on his victim continues with some dog training, hits and stick sucking. He forces his sub to kneel and be blindfoed and gagged with pieces of his own shirt before binding and hog-tying him...

Gallery „Revenge“ ( bondage fetish fight gag kneeling servant smoking )

427 images published on 2011-01-14, starring: Baaca Roman

Remember Roman, the angry guy from previous galleries? This time he is taking revenge for his little brother by kicking his sub and tweaking his nose harshly. He ties his victim to a tree and rope gags him before tearing off his shirt. As a final retaliation the sub is forced to kneel and kiss Roman's shoes...

Gallery „New whimp“ ( exercising fetish jeans kneeling pony servant sitting sneakers spanking )

171 images published on 2007-05-17, starring: Hefaistos Roman Whimp

Roman and Hefaistos are having some fun with new guy, Whimp. They give him a severe beating and carry him roughly over their shoulds. After some pony training and sneaker worship they give him a hard spanking ...

Gallery „ROCK 3“ ( bondage dog fetish jeans kneeling trampling )

133 images published on 2007-01-12, starring: Hefaistos Roman Stupa

Stupa gets tied up, dragged about the ground and forced to suck rubber ...

Gallery „Rock 2“ ( dog drunked gag jeans kneeling sitting )

156 images published on 2006-12-08, starring: Hefaistos Roman Stupa

A beer bottle in his ass for this victim before he is gagged and forced to creep naked in the thorn bushes...

Gallery „ROCK 1“ ( fetish jeans kneeling pony servant sitting sneakers spanking )

147 images published on 2006-11-17, starring: Hefaistos Roman Stupa

There's some trouble in store for this victim as two bullies catch him beneath the rocks. His punishment includes nettle spanking and forced pony play, then some sneaker kissing and foot sucking.

Gallery „HIT ME“ ( bondage collar fetish foot kneeling servant sock trampling )

202 images published on 2006-11-02, starring: Roman Stupa

Roman promised Stupa that this time he can hit him. But when Stupa tries it, he he gets beaten as usual. He must eat a sock, shoe and sticks as part of his rough treatment by Roman. Next he is tied up and tortured, he begs for mercy, but there is no mercy.

Gallery „OBEDIENCE LESSON“ ( kneeling )

42 images published on 2006-09-22, starring: Roman Stupa

Here is a little lesson for whimp in how to worship his bully master...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Roman) [0-9 of 14]
order by listing step

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