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Actor Polivka

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Gallery „Returnee 3“ ( blindfold bondage caps dog fetish servant sneakers sock trampling underwear )

425 images published on 2013-11-08, starring: PeterPan Polivka

Slave Polivka with swimsuit on the face had to put and kiss dominant PeterPan's sneakers. He was also dogtrained, hogtied, asskicked and trampled ...

Gallery „Returnee 2“ ( bondage collar dog fetish foot servant sneakers sock spanking trampling underwear )

431 images published on 2013-08-07, starring: PeterPan Polivka

PeterPan untied sub Polivka from the pipe, forcing him to take off his pants and took him like a dog on a meadow below where training continued with ballbusting, sneakers cleaning and sock kissing ...

Gallery „Returnee“ ( bondage collar dog fetish gag kneeling servant smoking sneakers trampling )

419 images published on 2013-05-13, starring: PeterPan Polivka

Sub Polivka we have not seen for several years. When he returned, he had to know that asking loose change from PeterPan is not a good idea. Our dominant ripped his shirt, made ​​him a dog, trampled him, into his mouth stuffed an old bathing suit, on head put a plastic bag and tied him up. And that was just the beginning ...

Gallery „Ugly dog 2“ ( dog exercising fetish jeans sitting sock trampling )

198 images published on 2009-01-16, starring: Ada Polivka

Ada forces ugly dog Polivka to kiss his ass and sniff the bulge in his jeans before trampling on his victim. After a bit of dog training Polivka must sock worship his master's feet ...

Gallery „Soccer 3“ ( fetish kneeling servant sneakers soccer )

189 images published on 2008-11-20, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

After another game of soccer it is time for some humiliation for Polivka. He is first 'cleaned' with a dirty rag and forced to kiss sneakers. fter being drenched with water, Polivka is made to 'suck' the bottle ...

Gallery „Soccer 2“ ( bondage kneeling servant soccer )

204 images published on 2008-10-03, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

Ada and Shark improve on a game of soccer with a new element, a tied up player. Sub Polivka, with bound hands is forced to play soccer and kneel to retrieve the ball from shrubs...

Gallery „Soccer 1“ ( bondage exercising fetish shorts soccer )

166 images published on 2008-08-29, starring: Ada Polivka Shark

Ada and Shark want to play a game of soccer and take Polivka along to retrieve the balls. They then decide to have more fun by forcing him to do press-ups and tie him up as a good target for a beating...

Gallery „Ugly Dog 1“ ( collar dog fetish kneeling servant sitting sneakers )

187 images published on 2008-07-03, starring: Ada Polivka

Ada happens to meet Polivka in a pub (we know this ugly guy from old galleries). He forces him to kneel and clean his sneakers and lick the soles, then after dog training, he has to sniff his ass...

Gallery „DOG AND HORSE 0“ ( collar dog fetish jocks pony shorts )

39 images published on 2006-01-23, starring: Polivka

This mugger was released from prison not long ago, but it was a mistake. He is soon back to his bad old ways, mugging a passer by and kicking him in the stomach and balls ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Polivka) [0-9 of 11]
order by listing step

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