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Actor Luky

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Gallery „Bizutage 2“ ( bondage exercising fetish sneakers sock spanking underwear )

323 images published on 2009-11-13, starring: Bizut Luky Papa

Bizut's hands are bound with his own jeans as he is tormented by guys in only their underwear. He is forced to do press-ups with sneakers pushing down on his back, then after some spanking does some sock worship. Bizut is also covered with mud, mustard, milk and eggs...

Gallery „Bizutage 1“ ( fetish foot kneeling servant sitting sneakers underwear )

287 images published on 2009-09-03, starring: Bizut Luky Papa

Bizut is in for a messy time as he is covered in eggs, shaving cream, cookies, mustard, milk, aand tomatoes. He then gets forced to kiss and lick sneakers, then eat from the ground whilst being kicked and stamped all over...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Luky) [0-2 of 2]
order by listing step

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