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Actor Lavor

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Gallery „Rapper 2“ ( boxing collar dog fetish servant smoking sneakers sock spanking underwear )

441 images published on 2010-09-03, starring: Dzary Lavor PeterPan

Lavor is collared with a rope and given training as a dog. He is spanked with a wet rag and socks then forcedd to sing into a bottle 'microphone'. After lots of kicks and facers he is forced to do a full sneakers cleaning ...

Gallery „Rapper“ ( bondage dog fetish sneakers spanking trampling underwear )

371 images published on 2010-06-04, starring: Dzary Lavor PeterPan

Lavor's attempts at rapping were awful and he needed to be taught a lesson. He is bound up , kicked and trampled by sneakers, then has his pants pulled down for a good spanking. Finally he is forced to do some dog training ...

Gallery „Caps2“ ( bondage caps exercising fetish gag sneakers sock trampling )

230 images published on 2010-01-01, starring: Dicky Lavor Papa

Papa, with the face tattoo, and Lavor force sub Dicky to do press-ups. They trample and kick him before binding his hands and forcing a sock into his mouth ...

Gallery „Caps 1“ ( caps exercising fetish fight sneakers )

233 images published on 2009-10-16, starring: Dicky Lavor Papa

Papa and helper Lavor meet graffiti artist Dicky, our old smiling friend. He gets kicked as punishment and is forced to do a hurdle race and press-ups. They force him into a steam vent and stand on his face with their sneakers...

Gallery „Lavor 2“ ( bondage fetish fight kneeling servant smoking sneakers spanking trampling )

216 images published on 2009-09-10, starring: Dzary Lavor Omar PeterPan

After he cleans their sneakers, Dzary and PeterPan order poor Lavor to swab the floor. They take him for a ride in their car boot,then tie him up and kick him before throwing him into the dustbin. Next up is some spanking, press-ups and sneaker kissing, followed by a trampling. Finally, but not before he is used as a human bench, sub Lavor is released by his captors...

Gallery „Lavor 1“ ( fetish kneeling servant smoking )

198 images published on 2009-07-24, starring: Dzary Lavor Omar Papa PeterPan

The guys bring along a new sub, Lavor (20). This guy can't stop smiling even if he's being hung over the side of a building. Not even walking on, kicking, or slapping him will stop him. So the guys stick him in the boot of the car and drive to Dzary's house where he'll finally get that smile wiped from his face.

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Lavor) [0-6 of 6]
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