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Actor Kulisek

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Gallery „Dirty undies“ ( bondage collar exercising fetish gag servant shorts spanking underwear )

401 images published on 2010-07-09, starring: Kulisek Papa

Papa discovers that Kulisek is wearing dirty underwear. As a punishment he makes him lick them before washing them in the in river, saying how big a pig he is. Now naked, Kulisek is rolled in the dirt and is kicked by Papa. Finaly he is gagged, spanked and hogtied ...

Gallery „Dixer 2“ ( fetish foot kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock stool )

457 images published on 2010-05-28, starring: Kulisek Papa

Kulisek is wearing a full wetsuit as he acts as a footstool for dom Papa. After this he must worship his tatooed dom's sneakers, socks and pay particular attention to his feet ...

Gallery „Decent guy“ ( bondage exercising fetish gag spanking tickling underwear )

355 images published on 2010-05-08, starring: Kulisek Papa

Papa punishes Kulisek for dressing too smartly. He kickshim and makes him do a hurdle race before spanking him. His shirt is ripped and he is tied to the flagpole then stripped, gagged and tickled...

Gallery „Feet slave“ ( bondage collar fetish foot gag smoking sneakers )

398 images published on 2010-04-30, starring: Kulisek Papa

Hogtied Kulisek is hogtied and given a gag and dog collar, but his main punishment is being forced to kiss and lick Papa's feet and sneakers ...

Gallery „Dixer 1“ ( exercising fetish kneeling pony servant sitting smoking spanking stool )

382 images published on 2010-04-09, starring: Kulisek Papa

Dixer Kulisek disturbs Papa who is fishing so is flogged with fishing rod as a punishment. He is used as a seat and then forced to do pony training, eating the grass and exercising for his dom...

Gallery „Relax by river“ ( drunked exercising fetish servant sneakers spanking )

333 images published on 2010-03-18, starring: Kulisek Papa

Papa is relaxing by the river with his new slave Kulisek (22) who is stripped and forced to clean Papa's sneakers and pants with hisn own shirt. After being made to do some naked jogging, Kulisek is rope spanked. Finaly he was forced to shout abuse at the old hag on the other side of the river who had called the police to us (the patrol catch us 5 mins after we finish, but as always only a 10 minute delay and no penalty) ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Kulisek) [0-6 of 6]
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