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Actor Kubis

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Gallery „Own tools 2“ ( bondage dog drunked fetish foot servant sneakers sock spanking )

558 images published on 2011-01-21, starring: Kubis PeterPan

Sub Kubis is punished with tools from his own bag and given a good spanking with a rope. He is made to sniff dirty socks then dog trained and tortured with clothes pins. Finally he must indulge his Dom in rubbing his socked feet, sniffing and cleaning his sneakers and kissing his feet ...

Gallery „Secondary dog 2“ ( blindfold bondage collar dog drunked exercising fetish kneeling shorts sneakers spanking )

472 images published on 2010-10-29, starring: Kubis PeterPan

For a while Kubis was allowed to "relax" bound by the tree, but PeterPan soon start dog training again. Kubis has sneakers pushed into his mouth and then forced to play dead, followed by some exercises. Knee bends and press-ups are followed by some running with shorts on his head, then finally he is spanked with a rope...

Gallery „Watchtower 2“ ( bondage drunked exercising fetish handgag kneeling servant sneakers sock spanking )

435 images published on 2010-10-08, starring: Kubis PeterPan

Stripped to the waist, Kubis gets a lesson up against a tree with a rope spanking. Forced to do push-ups, he is then tied to the tree and hit before finaly being forced to massage PeterPan's socked feet ...

Gallery „Own tool“ ( bondage collar dog exercising fetish foot gag handgag shorts sneakers sock spanking )

454 images published on 2010-08-27, starring: Kubis PeterPan

Kubis tries to steal PeterPan's kitback, but is caught and has the contents of his own bag used against him as a punishment. Rope, rubber gloves and clothes pins all add to his suffering, and there is more fun for PeterPan with sport shorts and old socks. Kubis is then tied to a tree then rope spanked and sock and handgagged. His punishment continues with sneaker and feet cleaning, a few kicks and finally some dog training and forced exercising ...

Gallery „Watchtower“ ( blindfold bondage drunked exercising fetish sneakers spanking trampling )

467 images published on 2010-07-30, starring: Kubis PeterPan

PeterPan wants to view his city from a watchtower but comes across the entry-fee collector, Kubis. PeterPan hits the poor collector and tears off his shirt, and proceeds to bind his hands. He bull-chains his victim and tramples him before finishing off with a rope spanking, with Kubis blindfolded...

Gallery „Secondary dog“ ( bondage collar dog fetish kneeling servant shorts smoking sneakers spanking stool )

329 images published on 2010-06-25, starring: Kubis PeterPan

PeterPan was walking his dog when they are disturbed by a jogger, Kubis (18). PeterPan quickly decides to make a secondary pet out of Kubis and gives him a beating for his disobedience. He is collared and leashed then rope spanked with shorts on his head. The Dom uses Kubis as a foot stool and makes him clean his sneakers before tying him up to the tree ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Kubis) [0-6 of 6]
order by listing step

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