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Actor Konin

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Gallery „Konin twice“ ( collar drunked exercising handgag smoking underwear )

290 images published on 2010-06-18, starring: Konin Papa

Two humiliating lessons in public as dom Papa puts his slave Konin through his paces in the playground. He is forced to exercise and is dog collared then forced to compare muscles with his dom. There can only be one winner...

Gallery „Collared on snow“ ( bondage collar dog fetish handgag servant sneakers )

243 images published on 2010-02-05, starring: Konin Papa PeterPan

Fun in the snow for this trainee slave, Konin. He is made to wear a dog collar and has his hands bound before being kiced. He is later handgagged and forced to clean sneakers...

Gallery „Novice“ ( fetish servant sneakers sock trampling )

178 images published on 2010-01-15, starring: Konin Papa PeterPan

Novice sub Konin (18), our innocent faced beginner is starting to learn his place at Papa's, where he learns to clean sneakers and PeterPan's dirty socks ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Konin) [0-3 of 3]
order by listing step

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