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Actor Hefaistos

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Gallery „Leaves 2“ ( bondage dog gag kneeling sneakers sock trampling )

193 images published on 2008-10-10, starring: Ada Hefaistos Lala

Mad Hefaistos ponders for a while what else do with Lala, Ada tries to be nice, but Lala gets bound to the tree with a stick in his mouth. After being untied Lala has to make like a dog, sniffing his own sneakers, then stand with socks and leaves in his mouth. Finally, some trampling to end his punishment...

Gallery „Meet Hefaistos 2“ ( fetish foot smoking sneakers sock )

123 images published on 2008-09-18, starring: Hefaistos

Some guys have asked if they can meet Hefaistos (this is possible if you visit us as a sub for his next gallery shooting). In this set you can see some good close shots of his sneakers, socks and feet ...

Gallery „Leaves“ ( bondage fetish kneeling servant sneakers spanking )

174 images published on 2008-07-24, starring: Ada Hefaistos Lala

Hefaistos and Ada are looking for fun again and meet Lala in the woods. After kicking him, they force Lala to kneel then tie him to a tree. Next comes some sneaker worship and finally a rope spanking ...

Gallery „Sunset Glow“ ( collar kneeling trampling )

144 images published on 2008-06-26, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

Hefaistos catches Whimp in a meadow at sunset. He forces him to kneel then kicks and tramples him before adding a rope collar and forcing him against an electric fence...

Gallery „Sportsman 2“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish kneeling shorts spanking )

146 images published on 2008-05-29, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

Punishment for cheeky Whimp. He is forced to crawl about and do dog training, then is spanked with a rope and kicked around...

Gallery „Meet Hefaistos“ ( smoking )

158 images published on 2008-05-09, starring: Hefaistos

Some guys ask us if they can meet Hefaistos (this is possible if you visit us as a sub for his next gallery shooting). Here is a sub's eye view of what to expect from him...

Gallery „Bathing trip“ ( fetish kneeling servant shorts sneakers )

139 images published on 2008-04-24, starring: Hefaistos Mrvi Whimp

Bullies Hefaistos and Mrvi go out on a trip with Whimp. As allways, sub Whimp gets what he deserves, a rough beating. He is then forced to kiss sneakers and take a bath in the lake in his clothes. The punishment continues 'til long after dark ...

Gallery „Gift for Hefaistos“ ( bondage fetish jeans mask pony sitting trampling )

110 images published on 2008-04-11, starring: Ada Hefaistos Joker Vilda

Hefaistos has a birthday and Joker and Ada have given him a present, a bound Vilda. Hefaistos and Ada decide they haven't had enough fun at the party so they catch Vilda the next day to continue the action with more bondage, trampling and pony play...

Gallery „Hand off my stuff 2“ ( gag jeans kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock spanking trampling )

147 images published on 2008-03-27, starring: Hefaistos Whimp

This thief gets what he deserve with a dirty sock forced into his mouth. He gets a rope spanking and his ripped shirt is used to gag him before being trampled...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Hefaistos) [0-9 of 53]
order by listing step

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