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Actor Hajkis

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Gallery „Reunion 3“ ( blindfold bondage drunked fetish foot handgag jocks servant sneakers sock stool underwear )

455 images published on 2014-07-25, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

Slave Zubajda in jocks was used as a footstool for both dominants. Then sub had to put on their socks and sneakers. Later he was tied to a sign "Nature Reserve", beaten, blinfolded and cluttered with old junk ...

Gallery „Reunion 2“ ( blindfold collar dog drunked fetish foot jeans jocks kneeling servant sneakers sock underwear )

477 images published on 2013-11-24, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

Blinfolded slave Zubajda had to wear a jockstrap and got nice wedgie. He was also trained as a dog, had to climb over the rocks and everytime was pulled back with leash. Finaly had to take off shoes and socks to both dominants and massage their feet ...

Gallery „Reunion“ ( bondage collar drunked fetish fight handgag jeans jocks smoking sneakers trampling underwear )

454 images published on 2013-09-28, starring: Hajkis Papa Zubajda

After a long time appeared Hajkis (found in our galleries 5 years ago) and now reunited with Dom Papa. Slave Zubajda was beaten, bound, handgagged, collared and trampled. Our dominants also drank his wine, forced him to climb over rocks, on his head, put a plastic bag, let him to undress and put on a jockstrap...

Gallery „Papa's Nights“ ( bondage handgag trampling )

115 images published on 2008-07-11, starring: Hajkis Marian Papa

Papa is just a tough street guy. In this first short story you can see how he deals with Marian, who owes him money. After a kicking, Marian is handgagged and bound to the lamp post with a belt. In the second part of the story Papa reform a young junkie with some bondage, kicking, trampling and a ballbusting ...

Gallery „Trap 2“ ( bondage fight handgag pony sitting trampling )

216 images published on 2008-06-13, starring: Hajkis Millhause Papa

With bound hands this victom is used for pony play. His doms then kicks and trample him and give him a ballbusting before tying him to the tree and handgagging him ...

Gallery „In shadow 2“ ( bondage caps fetish jeans pony )

158 images published on 2008-05-15, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri is bound to the tree then kicked and slapped about his face, before being untied to do a little pony play ...

Gallery „Trap 1“ ( bondage caps jeans kneeling pony spanking trampling )

199 images published on 2008-03-14, starring: Hajkis Millhause Papa

Papa lures Millhause into the woods where Hajkisis is waiting. They take their victim's glasses and the lesson begins with some pony play. He is then forced to kneel and is slapped and kicked, then spanked with a stick. Finally he is bound and trampled...

Gallery „In shadow“ ( bondage caps fetish gag handgag jeans smoking )

164 images published on 2008-01-10, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri is passing through the woods with a lit joint when he meets two bullies who want to smoke some too. Buri tries to get away with no luck and he is trapped in headscissors and tied up. A bandana is used to gaghim and his attackers cover his mouth with their hands. Finally he is forced to take a stick in his mouth and drink...

Gallery „Autumn“ ( bondage fetish gag jeans sneakers sock )

132 images published on 2007-11-22, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri tries to steal Papa's cigarettes which is a big mistake, and the punishment is swift. He is bound to a tree and gagged then forced to sniff socks and lick sneakers. After being forced to strip and bound to the tree again, he is bare ass kicked by the guys...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Hajkis) [0-9 of 10]
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