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Actor Giom

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Gallery „Visitor“ ( bondage jeans sitting sock )

77 images published on 2006-12-22, starring: Balda Giom

Tied up and robbed ... CCBill requested that we removed a few pics from this set.

Gallery „EXAMINATION“ ( bondage fetish jeans smoking trampling )

77 images published on 2006-04-15, starring: Sony Giom Mrvi

Two sadistic investigators pull a suspect in a dirty room. They chain him down and give him slaps and punches. He is then burned with cigarettes and has smoke blown in his face and is finally trampled by his persecutors ...

Gallery „FRATFUN“ ( fight jeans sitting sock tickling )

45 images published on 2006-03-10, starring: Giom Sony Mrvi

SonyBoy shows off his tatoos as requested by you. He and Giom pick on poor Mrvi with some tickle torture and full weight sitting, then some wedgies to follow ...

Gallery „DEBT“ ( bondage boots fight trampling )

150 images published on 2005-12-09, starring: Giom Sony

SonyBoy owes some money to Giom, here they cross each others paths. Giom takes him to his dirty garage to work off the debt but Sony resists and a fight follows. They roll around together on the dirty floor until Giom gets the upper hand, ties up his feet and subdues Sony...

Gallery „LOSER“ ( fetish jeans kneeling servant sneakers sock )

69 images published on 2005-11-14, starring: Giom Soptik

This loser will do anything for his "frienship" with his bully. He begs on knees, kisses sneakers and has dirty a sock put in his mouth...

Gallery „GARAGE“ ( fetish smoking )

81 images published on 2005-10-13, starring: Giom Soptik

Giom is in his garage when he catches a thief. He beats him with a pole and forces him to strip, after which the beating continues ...

Gallery „IN THE FOREST II.“ ( bondage spanking )

31 images published on 2005-09-14, starring: Giom Soptik

Giom ties Soptik to a pole and spanks him really hard ...

Gallery „CELLAR“ ( bondage fetish handgag shorts sneakers trampling )

103 images published on 2005-08-27, starring: Giom Soptik

A burglar in his cellar ties up Soptik with his own shirt. He handgags him and tramples on his head and shoulders before hitting him about the cock ...

Gallery „IN THE FOREST“ ( bondage gag trampling )

128 images published on 2005-07-15, starring: Giom Soptik

Our new macho guy, Giom, is in the forest and hunts down Soptik. He hog-ties him then lashes him to a tree, then adds a gag before giving him some slaps and hits ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Giom) [0-9 of 9]
order by listing step

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