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Actor Dzary

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Gallery „PF 2014“

118 images published on 2014-01-01, starring: Bimac Buri Dzary Hrasek Papa PeterPan Pracant Punky

We wish all our members and visitors a happy new step in 2014. We added a few photos taken during breaks at our filming ...

Gallery „Pants down 3“ ( bondage collar dog fetish kneeling servant sneakers underwear )

474 images published on 2013-02-22, starring: Dzary Lala

Skinhead Dzary is having fun during the dog training of his sub Lala, but because it is very cold outside, he decides to 'borrow' his gloves. Later he ties his slave to a tree, where he must remain with a lighted candle in his hand and his pants and underwear down ...

Gallery „Pants down 2“ ( bondage collar exercising fetish gag kneeling trampling )

521 images published on 2013-01-25, starring: Dzary Lala

Outside is really cold and slave Lala constantly pleads that he can not even move. However, such an excuse does not get any sympathy from skinhead Dzary and a few kicks and some snow therapy gets Lala exercising again ...

Gallery „Sunbather3“ ( bondage dog drunked fetish foot gag handgag kneeling servant smoking sneakers )

504 images published on 2013-01-05, starring: Dzary Pesik

Skinny Pesik has to clean and kiss Dzary's sneakers,then must run like a dog carrying various items with his teeth. This is combined with slaps and wounds from a cloth and a birch rod. Finally, the slave is forced to wear pantyhose and gets bound to a tree, then gagged including a handgag.

Gallery „Pants down“ ( boots drunked exercising fetish fight jeans kneeling pony )

504 images published on 2012-12-14, starring: Dzary Lala

Drunken Lala pees on Dzary's snowman. Not even enough to turn on the fly but is caught by Dzary. In vain Lala makes excuses that it is too cold, but he can not avoid punishment, and gets ice balls and a wallow in the snow. He gets pony training, is bindfolded and forced to kiss boots, followed by a stick in the ass and exercises to warm him up ...

Gallery „Sunbather 2“ ( blindfold boots dog exercising fetish kneeling pony servant trampling )

533 images published on 2012-11-17, starring: Dzary Pesik

This skinhead has a variety of tasks to teach slave Pesik a harsh lesson. He must fetch like a dog, playing bullfighting and pony riding, then some turtle training. The punishment continues and includes sunscreen, dirty work boots worship and trampling along with slapping, kicking and rod whipping. The sub's shirt ends up in tatters and his torn collar is used as blindfold ...

Gallery „Boulder 2“ ( dog fetish foot gag servant smoking sock spanking )

405 images published on 2012-10-26, starring: Dzary Lala

Skinhead Dzary trains slave Lala - forcing him to eat grass, crawl on all fours and carry various items in his teeth. Each mistake he makes is followed by a slap, a kick in the ass or flick through the back. Lala also gets green gag and his master rips the sub's shirt, takes off his shoes and socks and forces him to kiss his feet.

Gallery „Sunbather“ ( dog drunked exercising fetish gag kneeling servant )

544 images published on 2012-09-22, starring: Dzary Pesik

Deciding to sunbathe beside the resting worker Dzary is not a good idea and new boy Pesik (20) finds out the hard way. Dzary with the help of slaps and a birch rod forces him to retrieve his own straw hat, do handstands and crawl on all fours for his amusement, as well as making the boy do some kneeling and a few other useful things ...

Gallery „Gig-lamps“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish gag kneeling mask nettle sneakers trampling )

534 images published on 2012-09-07, starring: Dzary Lala

In this set Dzary really enjoys the humiliation of his slave Lala. He forces his sub to crawl on all fours like a good dog followed by grazing the grass, brambles and nettles. Next comes some slapping and kicking, then, with some tights on his head, the boy must do sit-ups and pushups. There follows some trampling and beating with a rope before he is finally bound to a tree...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Dzary) [0-9 of 45]
order by listing step

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