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Actor Cassidy

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Gallery „More than an ape, less than a human “ ( bondage exercising fetish nettle shorts underwear )

259 images published on 2009-11-06, starring: Cassidy Papa

Papa trains a boy to "reveal traits of his ape ancestry". Stinging nettles are used in a harsh stroking action as an incentive. The boy is forced to exercise and perform other acts until he happily retreats to climb a tree. This "reversion to his roots" brings great fun to both Papa and his new muscular friend.

Gallery „Gasper“ ( blindfold bondage dog fetish kneeling )

243 images published on 2009-10-09, starring: Cassidy Papa

Asking Papa for a cigarette isn't a good idea as Cassidy finds out to his cost. He is forced to crawl like a dog and chew the grass. He is tied to a tree and finaly has to wash his jacket in a cold puddle ...

Gallery „Dancing in the rain 2“ ( boots collar dog fetish servant underwear )

159 images published on 2009-08-13, starring: Cassidy Papa Stupa

Not finished with Stupa, the guys make him drink from slop while wearing a collar. With his underwear on his head they made him dance in the rain and pose erotically for their amusement. Lastly it's time for some boot and foot licking, and some retrieving, like the good dog he is.

Gallery „Dancing in the Rain 1“ ( collar dog fetish gag )

153 images published on 2009-06-12, starring: Cassidy Papa Stupa

Cassidy and Papa ambush Stupa, humiliating him for their entertainment. After putting a dog collar on him they gag him with his singlet, force him to strip down, and send him out to dance and sing in the rain in the rain like a fool. Finally they make him eat and crawl around on the ground like good dog. CCBill requested that we remove a few pics from this set.

Gallery „Fizz“ ( bondage sitting )

143 images published on 2008-12-26, starring: Cassidy Papa

Our bad guys wanna thank you for staying with us and wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2009 when we keep up the great work for you, full steam ahead! ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Cassidy) [0-5 of 5]
order by listing step

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