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Actor Casey

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Gallery „Mushrooms 2“ ( bondage dog gag sneakers sock )

148 images published on 2008-11-07, starring: Ada Casey Lala

Lala is on all fours like a dog, with his hands bound and forced to sniff his own sneakers. A dirty white sock is pushed into his mouth and he gets bound to the tree. Finally he is hand and rag gagged, kicked and left tied to the tree....

Gallery „Mushroom 1“ ( bondage )

146 images published on 2008-09-12, starring: Ada Casey Lala

The guys wanted to pick mushrooms, but found nothing. Instead Casey and Ada see Lala and decide to play. They tie his hands, put a rag on his face and srip him down to his socks and underwear. After forcing him to dance, they whip him with nettles and soak him in cola...

Gallery „Memory of Snow“ ( bondage gag kneeling trampling )

200 images published on 2008-08-22, starring: Ada Casey Lala

Bad brothers Casey (23) and Ada (20) have some fun in the snow. They bind and gag Lala and he is gutbusted, ass kicked and trampled. We hope this snow gallery refreshes you this summertime ...

Gallery „Campfire2“ ( bondage fetish fight jeans kneeling sitting tickling )

168 images published on 2007-10-04, starring: Ada Casey Dundy

Ada and Casey tied up Dundy's hands and give him a hard kicking and slapping. He gets a ballbusting and is thrown over and caried over the shoulder ...

Gallery „Campfire“ ( bondage fetish jeans kneeling sitting sneakers )

147 images published on 2007-08-24, starring: Ada Casey Dundy

A campfire adventure for 3 guys turns into a fight and a brutal bashing for the youngest guy. He is bound and beaten then tied to a tree, kicked and punched......

Gallery „Graffiti 2“ ( bondage dog exercising fetish gag jeans servant sitting sneakers )

134 images published on 2007-07-27, starring: Ada Casey Stupa

Stupa, is still under the power of the two sprayers who show no mercy to this poor graffiti cleaner. He has been roped to a tree and gagged, before being punched and kicked. Next he is leashed and forced to do strenuous exercises, and finally he isforced to lick the graffiti!

Gallery „Graffiti“ ( bondage dog fetish fight gag jeans servant )

261 images published on 2007-04-26, starring: Ada Casey Stupa

Stupa, a poor graffiti cleaner, is found out by two sprayers. They don't appreciate him destroying their art so Stupa is beaten. They tie him up and gag his mouth then force him to kiss and lick their graffiti. Finally he is given a lead like a dog...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Casey) [0-7 of 7]
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