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Actor Buri

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Gallery „PF 2014“

118 images published on 2014-01-01, starring: Bimac Buri Dzary Hrasek Papa PeterPan Pracant Punky

We wish all our members and visitors a happy new step in 2014. We added a few photos taken during breaks at our filming ...

Gallery „Pink 2“ ( bondage jeans kneeling underwear )

183 images published on 2009-07-02, starring: Buri Kas Papa

Buri's punishment for wearing a pink shirt continues. Kas and Papa rip his shirt before they tie him to a tree with his pants around his ankles. His tormentors take turns showering him with humiliation and abuse.

Gallery „Bench“ ( bondage fetish handgag servant )

220 images published on 2009-05-22, starring: Buri Papa PeterPan

Buri is strong-armed by two bad guys, Papa and PeterPan. They bind his hands and torture him over a steam vent. After beating him Papa and PeterPan drag him back to the bench. Like a good servant Buri cleans their shoes and in return they tie him to a tree, humiliated and abandoned.

Gallery „Pink 1“ ( dog fight gag handgag kneeling trampling )

188 images published on 2009-04-24, starring: Buri Papa

Bury is punished for wearing a pink shirt. He is kicked and has hands over his mouth making him gasp for breath. He gets trampled and gagged by his own shirt, before being forced to eat grass and given dog training ...

Gallery „Drunk“ ( bondage drunked fetish police sitting trampling )

203 images published on 2008-08-14, starring: Buri Papa

A young, arrogant drunk gets a lesson he deserves from a dom cop who kicks, handcuffs and tramples on him...

Gallery „In shadow 2“ ( bondage caps fetish jeans pony )

158 images published on 2008-05-15, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri is bound to the tree then kicked and slapped about his face, before being untied to do a little pony play ...

Gallery „In shadow“ ( bondage caps fetish gag handgag jeans smoking )

164 images published on 2008-01-10, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri is passing through the woods with a lit joint when he meets two bullies who want to smoke some too. Buri tries to get away with no luck and he is trapped in headscissors and tied up. A bandana is used to gaghim and his attackers cover his mouth with their hands. Finally he is forced to take a stick in his mouth and drink...

Gallery „Autumn“ ( bondage fetish gag jeans sneakers sock )

132 images published on 2007-11-22, starring: Buri Hajkis Papa

Buri tries to steal Papa's cigarettes which is a big mistake, and the punishment is swift. He is bound to a tree and gagged then forced to sniff socks and lick sneakers. After being forced to strip and bound to the tree again, he is bare ass kicked by the guys...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Buri) [0-8 of 8]
order by listing step

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