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Actor Bastard

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Gallery „Bastard 3“ ( collar dog fetish foot jeans servant spanking trampling )

486 images published on 2012-11-30, starring: Bastard Lala

Dominant Bastard has to really kick sub Lala's ass, so spanks him with a rope and tramples him to turn him into an obedient dog. He follows up the training by forcing him to eat grass and massage feet ...

Gallery „Bastard 2“ ( dog fetish fight foot handgag jeans kneeling pony trampling )

496 images published on 2012-07-27, starring: Bastard Lala

During this action the slave spends most of the time lying on the ground as this dominant Bastard tries out a couple of hold-downs on the poor boy. There follows some dog and pony training then the slave gets a beating with a stick before being handgagged. The action continues with some kissing his feet and trampling ...

Gallery „Bastard“ ( bondage fetish foot jeans )

495 images published on 2012-06-23, starring: Bastard Lala

Our new bad boy Bastard (25) gets information on where to find the guy who had smashed up his car. He tracks Lala down in the meadow behind the town and began his punishment with slapping, kicking then tree bondage ...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Bastard) [0-3 of 3]
order by listing step

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