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Actor Baaca

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Gallery „View“ ( blindfold bondage caps drunked fetish fight jeans sitting sneakers trampling underwear )

440 images published on 2014-08-30, starring: Baaca Ricardo

Our new dominant, blue-eyed blond Ricardo, run upon Baaca, who enjoyed a view of the valley. After a brief struggle the sub stopped resisting and was hogtied, slapped and stripped of shoes and pants...

Gallery „Depression 3“ ( blindfold bondage drunked exercising jeans kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock spanking )

522 images published on 2012-08-17, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Baaca is forced to do rolls, squats and push-ups with regular rope spanking in between. PeterPan takes the slave's shirt and ties it to his face. He has to clean the master's trainers and massage and kiss his feet. Then PeterPan poses along with his hogtied slave and only when the master is sure that Baaca's resistance is gone, he leaves ...

Gallery „Bothering salesman 3“ ( bondage dog drunked fetish gag handgag servant sneakers sock trampling )

554 images published on 2012-07-13, starring: Baaca PeterPan

The bothersome salesman Bacca, now in tattered rags, is forced to act like a dog and retrieve things for his master. He then has to clean, put on and kiss PeterPan's sneakers and socks. After some HOM, he gets a trampling, then is gagged with a belt and hogtied ...

Gallery „Karatist 3“ ( bondage collar dog drunked exercising fetish gag servant sneakers sock spanking trampling underwear )

460 images published on 2012-06-08, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

Slave Baaca with tied legs, and dressed only in red shorts and a dog collar, has to massage the socked feet and then clean, kiss and sniff the sneakers of his two masters. This is followed by trampling and a spanking, then Bacca is gagged and forced to work out with bound feet. Several times the doms pour beer into the sub's knickers. Finally he has to strip naked and get out of there...

Gallery „Perv 3“ ( blindfold bondage collar drunked exercising fetish foot jocks kneeling servant smoking sneakers sock underwear )

543 images published on 2012-05-04, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Sub Baaca in a jockstrap, and with collar and bound hands, has to dry PeterPan's just washed socks by blowing on them. Because they were still wet, Baaca gets whipped with them several times and also has to dance for the amusement of his master. Next he must light cigarettes, do push-ups and bind sneakers, then finally he ends up tied to an iron ring and blindfolded ...

Gallery „Dram 2“ ( bondage dog drunked exercising fetish kneeling servant smoking sneakers trampling )

468 images published on 2012-04-06, starring: Baaca PeterPan

Kneeling, this slave is tied to a bench and lashed with a wet cloth and a rope. His master dabs the ashes of a cigarette on his head, then the sub has to untie his bonds and train on muddy ground. He is later tied to a tree and poured with wine before being forced to practice again this time with a stick in his mouth and kissing his dom's sneakers. At the end of his punishment the sub is once again tied to the bench ...

Gallery „Depression 2“ ( bondage dog drunked exercising fetish jeans kneeling nettle servant sneakers sock spanking trampling )

519 images published on 2012-03-30, starring: Baaca PeterPan

PeterPan is giving Bacca some harsh treatment, forcing him to do exercises then retrieve and sniff his own sneakers. After a spanking with a rope and branch, he gets tied hand and foot with socks on his hands. His treatment continues with trampling and stinging with nettles ...

Gallery „Karatist 2“ ( blindfold collar dog drunked exercising fetish foot gag kneeling servant shorts smoking sneakers sock stool underwear )

483 images published on 2012-03-09, starring: Baaca PeterPan Strela

A slave dressed only in briefs and a dog collar has to light a cigarette for his masters, which are then used to burn him on his back. He has to take a gag in the mouth made from his dirty socks and shorts, then do some sneakers and ass kissing. He is doused with wine and stretched by his arms and legs before being forced to exercise. Finally he must massage and kiss socked feet ...

Gallery „Depression“ ( bondage drunked fetish gag jeans kneeling servant sneakers sock trampling )

520 images published on 2012-01-13, starring: Baaca PeterPan

PeterPan decides to treat Baaca's depression in a peculiar way, just really making him suffer more was his answer. He gets some kicks, has his shirt torn and gets dirty sock pushed into his mouth. Bacca gets trampled and is forced to exercise with bound hands. After some sneakers kissing and wine pouring, the boy gets hogtied...

GALLERIES (cancel filteringfiltered:Baaca) [0-9 of 19]
order by listing step

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